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The Benefits of Sending a Child to Private School in Ontario

private schoolThe only way that a child will be able to get the tools they need to succeed in life is by going to a great school. There are a number of different schools out there and finding the right one can be a lot easier said than done. Many of the public schools out there are filled to the brim with students, which can make it very hard for a child to get the attention they are in need of. The following are a few of the benefits that come with sending a child to private school in the Ontario area.

Much Smaller Classes

The first benefit that comes with using a private school is that they usually have much smaller schools. The smaller the classes are, the easier it will be for a child to get the one on one attention they need. By having more individualized attention, a child will be able to pick up on new things much easier. Before choosing the right school, you will need to get some information about the class sizes. This will allow you to decide whether or not the private school is right for you.

Shawnigan Lake, BC- Spet 13/08- - UNIFORMS - Shawnigan Lake School students, from left, Owen Samuel, 16 years old, Katherine Lin, 17 years,  David Basche, 18 years and  Maddie McLeod, 17 years, all grade 12 students at the Vancouver Island private school, chat after lunch on the campus. For Private School Supplement on uniforms. Photograph by Diana Nethercott

More Parent Participation

Another benefit that comes with using a private school is that they encourage more parent participation. Being able to volunteer in a school will allow the parent to get a better idea of what their child is learning and whether or not the money they are paying is being spent wisely. By taking the time to get this type of interaction with your child, you will be able to get the best results from your child’s educational years. The memories that can be created in the classroom is something a parent and child will cherish for many years.

A Much Safer Environment

Choosing to use a private school will also allow a parent to have a safer environment for their children. The danger in the private schools these days is undeniable, which is why finding a great private school is the best course of action. The money that is paid for a private school is more than worth it considering the benefits that it can bring. Be sure to do some research in order to find out which school in your area is the best fit for your particular needs.

Choosing the right private school is easy when you take the time to narrow down the options in your area. The team at Richmond Hill Montessori and Elementary Private School has the tools to get your child the education you are looking for.

The Importance Of Speech Therapy

Many people have accents, not just immigrants. If you are looking to have help with reducing your accent or any other speech issue speech therapy is an option for you. Proper speech will help you in your personal and career work life. The benefits of speech therapy are numerous. 

Benefits of Speech Therapy

If you are an actor and you are looking to get a part with a certain accent a speech therapist may be just what you are looking for. Must actors are taught not to have an accent that will interfere with them getting multiple parts. Contact a speech therapist to assist you with proper pronunciation of words. There are several instances a speech therapist could be used. If a child or adult is having an speech therapistissue with stuttering, improper word pronunciation, or even understanding words a speech therapist is just what they need. A speech therapist is a professional that teaches people the proper pronunciation of words. It is commonly used by people from other countries to understand the English language. By pronouncing words properly you will be taken more seriously in your career. If you have a career in the medical field it is very important to understand your patient and have your patient understand you.

When you start your search for a speech therapist makes sure that they are licensed. Each state has different rules that have to be followed in order to get a license in that state. Most states require some type of schooling, usually at least 2 years, and requires for you to pass a field specific test. If you have questions regarding the requirements to become a speech therapist you can contact the state board in your state. If you are looking for referrals to find a good speech therapist, ask your family, friends, and coworkers. By asking people you know you can find out about their experiences with the speech therapist and how it benefited them.

adult speech therapistIf you are unable to locate a speech therapist through personal references, you can always contact the state board in your state to ask for a list of speech therapists in your area. Other great ways to locate a speech therapist would be by contacting schools in your area or searching on the internet. Once you have located a speech therapist in your area, make sure to find out if they are licensed and if you can set up a time to meet with them. A speech therapist will help you to pronounce English words properly which can help you to excel in your personal life and your career. While researching for a good speech therapist may seem like a daunting task, it is worth the effort. If you are in need of speech therapy in Montreal. Please visit a friend of mine @ A.R Montreal. I highly recommends their services.

Here’s the Truth About College Readiness Exams

It’s unavoidable. Getting into college means taking one or both of the major college readiness exams. Getting into a competitive college and receiving lots of scholarship and grant offers means getting a high score on the ACT or SAT. It’s not easy to do your best work when it seems like your entire future depends on how well you do. It’s time to take a deep breath and relax. The truth isn’t nearly as scary as you think.

What’s the ACT All About?

The ACT was developed in 1959 as an alternative to the SAT, the only standard test at the time. The ACT is now universally accepted in the United States. Total test time for the ACT is three hours and 25 minutes, not including breaks. The exam has four parts: English, Mathematics, Reading and Science. There is an optional Writing Test, which is required by some colleges. Offered several times a year at various locations in the United States and Canada, there is a modest fee for taking the test. Fee waivers are available for those who apply and are eligible. The best way to register for the ACT is online. Each test section is scored individually and the four multiple-choice section scores are averaged, giving you a composite score. The ACT can be taken a second time and you decide which test score to send to colleges.

What About the SAT?

The SAT is the oldest college readiness exam in the United States. First administered in 1926, approximately 1.7 million students expect to take the SAT this year. The SAT is a three hour and 45 minute test, not including break periods, which consists of Critical Reading, Mathematics and Writing sections. The SAT is offered several times a year throughout the United States. Online registration is recommended. The testing fee can be waived for eligible students. You will be notified of your scores approximately three to four weeks after taking the exam. Results include section scores and a total score. Like the ACT, you can take the SAT a second time and choose which score to sent to colleges.

college readiness examsCalculators and the ACT

Some types of calculators are allowed when taking the ACT. Calculators with built-in algebra systems have always been prohibited, but recent discoveries about other types of calculators and installed applications have led to additional prohibitions.

Northern Kentucky University’s Stephen Newman, a math professor, conducted an experiment using an ACT approved calculator with Zoom Math, an algebra software application, installed. Newman and his colleagues took the ACT Compass, a computerized test that helps students and educators evaluate skills and plan appropriate courses, 10 times using the augmented calculator to solve the exam’s equation problems. Word problems were always answered with the multiple-choice option “A.” In every case, they achieved a score significantly higher than the minimum required. After performing further experiments that agreed with Newman’s results, the Kentucky Department of Education banned the use of augmented calculators when taking the ACT Compass. According to the Lexington Herald-Leader, Ed Colby, ACT spokesman, said that although the news has not yet been made public, ACT is now banning augmented calculators nationwide.

Calculator use is not required when you take the ACT. If you choose to use one, however, check the ACT website for current prohibitions. If you attempt to use a non-approved calculator, your test will not be scored and you will be dismissed.

What’s All the Flap About Changes to the SAT?

The College Board, the administrator of the SAT, recently announced that beginning in 2016, students would see a whole new SAT. One of the oldest college readiness tests in the United States, the SAT has undergone a few changes since its inception, but found itself outpaced by its competitor, the ACT. Critics accuse the SAT of being a poor student performance predictor and say the test itself is geared toward students in higher economic brackets. According to the College Board, the new SAT better reflects today’s school curriculum and educational requirements. It is also designed to more accurately reflect a student’s abilities and better predict a successful academic career.

Get to Know What You’re Up Against

One of the best ways to remove test anxiety is by taking practice tests. The ACT and College Board websites have plenty of practice tests you can take to familiarize yourself with the types of questions you will encounter and learn about the way the tests and questions are structured. Yes, taking the ACT or the SAT is inevitable, but with a little preparation, you can walk into the exam room with confidence.

The Importance of Education

Education is an investment they say. The benefits and advantages that an educated person has is worth every penny spent in tuition fees. More than the financial burden, acquiring a degree also entails heaps of effort, time and dedication. Therefore, there is no sweeter feeling than being handed out your diploma on graduation day. This is definitely a moment in a student’s life worth sacrificing for.

Once you’ve invested in education, the harvest season is almost limitless. The importance of education nowadays is very much evident not only to individual success but also to the society as a whole.

Importance of EducationFirstly, education is necessary to land a job. This is the main purpose that people go to college and even graduate school. When you have a college degree, your qualifications are formally established. There is a presumption that you have hurdled through 4 or 5 years of learning and in such span of time you have acquired the necessary skills and knowledge in your chosen field. Moreover, it is a prerequisite in any licensing exam that you have attained a certain educational degree.

Furthermore, education also enables us to acquire practical skills that are applicable in daily life . In college, we learn to be independent and resourceful with all the tasks and assignments for essay writing that are given by professors. The demands of academic life must always be met and students resort to all reasonable means in order to do so.

Being disciplined and motivated are very important personality traits to have when in college. It is very important to stay focused and stick to your commitments and schedules. It is imperative that you have balance in your life between work, play and studies. Too many people in college get caught up into the partying lifestyle and if you do so it will severely hinder your progress and quality of education. So do yourself a favor and treat your studies and time in school with respect and priority, you will have lots of time to party and play later. if you commit to so this it will pay off numerous ways in the long run and make life that much easier.

The resourcefulness of a person improves in college. For instance, when the schedule is tight and the workload is heavy , students try to find a way to finish their assignments by using a writing service. This is a prevalent online writing service whereby the student will provide details of the paperwork to be done and the company will deliver the customized paper, be it an essay writing assignment, research paper, or dissertation. Many students use such a service at one point or another not only because of the quality work but also because they deliver the work fast and on time.

Lastly, a very important impact of education is self fulfillment . The feeling of satisfaction one gets by finishing a degree is incomparable. This is understandable considering that academic life is not a walk in the park. So there you have it some simple tips on how to make your education experience better.

Writing Solutions beyond Your Imagination

Universities and colleges often allot term papers, research papers, homework and essays to the students. It is not just about the good grades but is also important because it helps in sharpening the intellectual and the creative level of each student’s brain. If these homework and papers are so important, then where is the exact root problem for all the students? Students from all around the world, have started facing one common issue, with respect to their studies. Writing quality essays and papers is no easy job for any student.

Hence, to assist the students, some greatly beneficial websites have cropped up in the online market. These websites are designed and built only to assist and help all those students who face similar kind of problems when they need to write their papers.

Amazing Benefits of Online Help

The websites that are present online to help students in completing their essays in no time are often privileged to have the original versions of the papers. One such website is Buyessays can be called an educational website. It helps in assisting students with the completion of their projects and papers. Papers at buyessayscheap are often cheap in terms of money. However, it makes sure that the quality of their papers is not altered. The papers are available for all subjects along with being available for all academic levels. The best part of these papers lies in the fact that these papers are written by quality writers who are highly educated and qualified. Due to the presence of these writers, students can easily trust the site. The papers are not limited to just research papers and homework. Students can also have their thesis, reports, assignments, reviews and essays. In the exchange of a price, the website indeed can be relied on.

writing for studentsProcedure at Buyessaycheap

If you are a student and you seek help from buyessayscheap, you first need to fill in the required customer application form. You will be asked to give your required instructions for your research paper. Soon writers will be putting their bids, after which they will need to know further clarification for the required tasks or papers. Since you yourself will be putting the instructions, the papers that would ultimately turn up would make sure that there are no mistakes. Adding to the quality of the papers, the support team are always taking care of the fact that as its customer you do not need to face any kind of compromises. Along with the quality, the papers are non-plagiarised. Before ordering the papers, it is always better to go through the samples to get a view on writing quality. Another major point that sets apart buyessayscheap from the rest of the sites is its money back guarantee. If at any point of time you feel your requirements are not met or you are dissatisfied with the work, you can ask the company for the refund.

In this fast pacing world, where competition has become necessary to uplift any students; major problems like writing in a flair language along with presenting the facts accurately has been seen as one big hurdle for most of the students. To say in brief, papers at is really a great advantage for all students to get great grades.

Online help provided to students

Academic pressure is surmounting everywhere and students might face some difficulty wile doing their day to day homework. They number of problems surfacing might increase while a student prepares for his examinations. During such critical circumstances, the help of a tutor is of utmost importance. But finding a tutor at that very moment is a difficult task. Students tend to spend a lot of time commuting to avail valuable guidance from their tutors. So, what is the proper way of ensuring quality guidance at least expense? The solution to this very problem is online tutorials.

Online tutoring facilities

To be benefited by online tutoring, all a student needs to do is register at one of the online tutoring sites. These sites features a number of elite tutors covering top 20 American Universities and these Ivy League courses help fellow students with their academics. These tutors help students, who are struggling with their homework, examinations or daily lessons. They are passionate about their work and provide students the optimum learning experience. These sites are hosted on the internet and students from around the globe can make use of them to help themselves during their academic turmoil. They offer tutorial services spanning a number of subjects like Maths, Science, Social Studies, AP Support, SAT / Test Preparations, to name a few. Reputed tutors from various domains are hired by these websites, which helps them to impart quality education to the students.

help for studentsOther attractive facilities at these sites

To reap the benefits of these services, all a user needs to do is register oneself at one of these sites and enjoy the spectrum of features while enjoying the comforts of their home. Students can register using their name, mobile number, email address, grade and specify the subject in which assistance is required. After completion of registration, they can avail a free one hour lesson to ensure that they are comfortable with the program. Students are also providing with the facility to record their lessons, so that they can revise them at their own pace. Students can choose their tutor and even select the tenure and time for the session to be conducted. The students are charged on session basis and the charges are generally quite less. Students can make use of the phone number or email address provided at these online tutoring sites to contact them and solve any queries or grievances.

In a nutshell, the Ivy League courses are really helpful for every student as it provides them with the much needed flexibility while they deal with their academic curriculum. After registering students can make use the round the clock chat service to report their problem and solve queries. This service can also be used to contact tutors in urgent times. These sites provide the students the chance to be updated with their recent updates and policies, by simply following them on various social networking platforms. Considering the various facilities provided by these sites, they are worth every penny spent.

Custom Essay Writing Services

Many students nowadays find themselves stretched too thin with all the homework, assignments, and projects they have to accomplish. Aside from academic tasks, they also have extracurricular and non-academic matters to attend to, so when the schedule becomes too hectic homework tends to be neglected often . It’s a good thing that custom essay writing services are always available to help students with their essay writing needs be it for a homework or project.

Many custom essay writing services are available online and most of them don’t require any sign up details. The process of how to avail of their services can be readily shown on the site home page and usually involves a few steps.

Essay WritingAn advantage of using a custom essay writing service is that it’s fast and reliable. Almost all writing assignments come with a deadline and with too many assignments; it is most likely that one can’t finish everything. But in a span of one week or even less, you can have a customized essay that you can set your own deadline, even ahead of the deadline that the teacher or professor provides. Essay writing services are fast and reliable in making timely delivery. With this, going crazy over deadlines will be a thing of the past for many students.

The rates of custom essay writing services are very competitive. Apparently, the number of such services is increasing over the years and offering a cheap rate is an edge over other services. The rate system would also vary. Some would charge depending on the number of words, others on the number of pages, and others on the deadline set. Since most of their customers are students, prices are also relatively affordable for a student’s budget.

There is also no question as to the quality of essays provided by custom essay writing services online. First of all, they have writers who are experts in their field and have vast knowledge on a number of topics. They are competitive and have knowledge on essays that are customized according to the customer’s needs. Furthermore, they use plagiarism software in order to ensure that the essays they make  are original. With custom essay writing services, you are definitely assured to only get the best work so that academic success is highly achievable.

Childhood Trauma effect on Students

Both high schools and colleges provide various accommodations for students with mental health disorders. For example, students with ADHD can request smaller class sizes, individual exams, longer test time, etc. Unfortunately, many disorders such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder can affect student’s ability to learn but often go unnoticed until the adult age. Psychologists estimate that over 30% of high school and college students receiving psychological treatment experienced childhood traumas that resulted in mental health condition. Childhood traumas are experiences that impact a person and can cause immeasurable damage.

Studies have revealed that about 1 out of 4 children experience at least one traumatic event by the time they reach the age of 18 years. Trauma, a penetrating wound, can threaten one’s life. It affects normal development in an adverse manner. It terrorizes the child repeatedly, making him feel helpless. During high-school and university years it manifests in many mental health conditions including anxiety,  depression and eating disorders. However, it is vital to understand that its effects are not permanent. Whatever happened in childhood need not ruin the rest of the child’s life. Also, the child need not rely on support groups or medications for the rest of his life. These life threatening events are much more traumatic than what any child should ever have to bear. Getting professional help and learning how to take care of your child post trauma are very important in order to help the child recover.

Types of traumatic events:

Traumatic events can either be a one-time occurrence or repeated events that happen again and again. According to NIMH, there are different types of traumatic events.

One-time traumatic events can be like:

  • Rape
  • A natural disaster like flood, hurricane etc.
  • Sudden demise of a parent or loved one.
  • Witnessing a murder.
  • Hospitalization.

Repeatedly occurring traumatic events include:

  • Emotional or physical abuse.
  • War.
  • Violence.
  • Sexual Abuse.
  • Terrorist Activities.

childhood traumaSigns and Symptoms of Stress due to trauma:

The child may have emotional reactions to traumatic stress like being nervous and agitated. The child can also remain sad or worried about safety which may result in being scared of sleeping alone at night. The child may seem to be disinterested or withdrawn in general. One common but extreme reaction to a traumatic event is to start feeling dissociated. The child withdraws from the world and feels a sense of detachment. They see everything happening around them as if these events are not happening for real.

Apart from this, the child can also face physical problems as a result of traumatic stress.  These problems include stomachaches or headaches, nausea, vomiting and having trouble in sleeping or having nightmares.

Another sign is that the child may be reliving the traumatic event by seeing images or recalling each and every detail of what happened.

Almost half of the children who survive traumatic events suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder which may lead to the child experiencing extreme fear or helplessness.

The only reliable solution to detect the effects of childhood trauma is a comprehensive social-emotional assessments. Psychologists and psychotherapists typically conduct this type of psychological testing to detect hidden causes for problematic behaviour and use the results of testing to structure psychotherapy sessions to deal with the causes and symptoms of mental health conditions.

How can adults help children who have experienced traumatic events?

Once the symptoms or signs of traumatic stress have been observed, the next step is to help the children overcome the trauma. It is essential to let the child feel safe and secure and to let him know that you are in full control. Also, parents must understand that the child takes cues from how they react to traumatic events and that being sad or hurt is alright. The child needs to feel that you are in control and that you will protect him. Let the child feel that you are always there for him and stay close to the child. Returning back to normal routine as soon as possible also helps children. It is important to observe the information that the child is receiving about the traumatic event.

There is no single way that can help the child to recover from traumatic events. The best thing that can be done in such situations is to go back to normal daily routine and expect the child to go back to routine activities over time. Professional help needs to be sought if the child is getting a difficulty in recovering even after a month. Coping strategies need to be developed in order to deal with fear and anxiety. Inform the teachers about the traumatic event that occurred in the child’s life and communicate about the changes in the child’s behavior.

It is essential to put the past behind and be free of its effects. Traumatic events can be extremely damaging if not dealt with properly in childhood itself. It is important to get back to normal life and to make positive changes in life after the traumatic event. The child continuously struggles to either deny or co exist with the effects of the traumatic event, but it is the duty of adults to help children recover fully after such events.

Top 5 Art School Survival Tips for Students

Attending art school is a privilege, one that will require hard work, talent, dedication, and no small amount of money. But getting in and making it through to graduation are two different things. And surviving art school is not going to be easy. However, it is certainly manageable, especially if you have a plan for success. Here are just a few tips that should help you to make the most of your time in school, earn your diploma, and move on to an exciting career in the world of art.

  1. Create a schedule. Like any college experience, you need to make sure that being away from the watchful eyes of your parents doesn’t lead to partying at the expense of your studies. Creating a schedule that includes time for attending classes, studying, work, and even socialization is important to ensure that you don’t flub it your first semester in.
  2. Treat it like a job. It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that just because you’re engaging in creative pursuits means that you are somehow entitled to indulge yourself and take as much time as you please. However, your professors will not appreciate your attitude and late assignments will be greeted with lower grades. Art is just like any other pursuit in that there is a process involved. Whether you’re working out math problems, writing an essay, or putting together a collage for a class, there is a beginning, an end, and a process that takes place in the middle. When you force yourself to create you’re going to get into a productive mindset that is self-perpetuating. So set aside time specifically to work on art projects and stick to it, even if all you do is sketch objects in your dorm room or splash paint on a practice canvas. Flexing your mental muscles on command can only help you in your pursuit of a career in the arts.
  3. art schoolsWork with classmates. Whether you put together study groups for your academic courses or you set up times to work on art projects with your friends, an important part of attending school is participating in the community on campus. When you’re in an art program, you can easily get wrapped up in your own projects and your own process. And before you know it you may have inadvertently isolated yourself. So take the time to make friends, network, and socialize. This will serve you not only during your time in school, but if you put in the effort to stay in touch, it could also deliver on job opportunities after you graduate.
  4. Get to know professors. Taking an art class is not exactly the same as other academic courses. By its very nature, art is subjective. So even if you learn a particular technique from a dozen different teachers, you’ll learn something new each time. For this reason it’s important to get to know the professors on campus. The right teacher can make any class beneficial, even if it’s not entirely in your wheelhouse.
  5. Seek inspiration. Art school is about more than just looking inside yourself. It’s about experiencing the world and combining outside influences with your own ideas and emotions to create art that is not only original, but also contributes to and informs the ongoing dialogue in the artistic community. It doesn’t matter if you attend the School of Art Institute in Chicago or the Nossi College of Art – you need to make the most of your time in school, and that means taking in all you can, from exhibits at local museums to student shows on campus.

Top 3 Things to Remember When Going to Your Job Interview

Interviewing is always nerve-racking, even for the most laid back of individuals. If you find yourself wondering want you can do to make a good first impression, then you are reading the right article. Employers consistently agree that the following three factors are the most important in their perception of a candidate. They may not be the only things you need to do to ace your job interview, but they are absolutely essential to put you on the right footing.

Be Likable

Why is it so important to be friendly, upbeat, and cheerful during a job interview? The simple answer is that employers don’t want to work with someone who brings down morale. It is important to employers that there be workplace harmony, which means that they want easy-going people on their teams. Not only do they want to like you, they want you to like them and they want that to be obvious. The more apparent it is that you like your interviewer (as in you get along with him/her), the easier it is for the interviewer to envision you in the role you are being considered for. To project a positive attitude, you need to

.   make eye contact,

.   smile,

.   sit slightly forward in your chair,

.   respond enthusiastically, and

.   ask questions about the job and the company.

Just as important as your attitude during the interview is your attitude on social media and during any communication you have with the interviewer. If your social media accounts don’t mesh with your personality on the day of the interview, your potential employer will be suspicious that it’s all an act. They will check you out on Twitter, Facebook, and the like, so clean those things up if you have a lot of grumpy rants posted.

job interviewsDress the Part

Getting your outfit right for a job interview is more complex than in the past. Whereas it was once the case that you put on a suit not matter what type of job you were interviewing for, now it is more important to match your outfit to the company’s style. For instance, showing up to IBM in a suit, tie, and conservative shirt is a must. Showing up to Facebook in a suit will probably kill your chances of success (unless of course it is a quirky and unique suit). The point is, you need to know something about the company you are interviewing with to know what they would expect you to be wearing towork, not just to the interview.

Job search engines can give you a lot of information about the company you are interviewing with, so look there for clues as to what is appropriate attire for the interview. In some cases, the “expected attire” will be laid out in the job posting or on the company’s website. Scour the posting for any details that will help you, including pictures of people at work.

Sometimes, search engines aren’t enough, so you need to go undercover. Have a coffee nearby where you will be interviewing or find some other way to make observations without being obvious. Take note of what everyone is wearing and dress accordingly.

If neither of the above work, then stick to the classic suit or blazer. Make sure your clothes fit well. Well-tailored clothing conveys a sense of organization and attention to detail, traits that are admired by most employers.

Be on Time

No matter what else you do, you must be on time. Being late to a job interview is like turning in your taxes late. No matter what your excuse is, you are going to be penalized. If you absolutely can’t make an interview, due to disaster that could not be avoided, then you must call and explain the problem and beg forgiveness. Flat tires and traffic are excuses that work. Family crises, unless of epic proportion, generally won’t fly.

Get Going

That’s it. Follow the three tips above and you’ll be well along the road to success. Of course, you’ll need technical knowledge of the job you are interviewing for and the credentials to back that knowledge up, but none of that matters if you aren’t likable or you don’t fit in at the company. Note that all of these tips have one thing in common in that they convey to the interviewer that you care about the job. That is the most important message you can send.

Angela Forbes is an experienced HR professional. She often blogs about the tips and tricks to a successful job hunt, application, and interview.

Why You Need a High School Planner

High school is indeed a most demanding period in a student’s academic life. This is the time when a student must be able to prioritize and manage so that they are able to execute the tasks expected of them. For this very reason, one must keep and regularly update a high school planner.

A high school planner contains everything that a student needs to better organize and manage their busy schedule.

For one, it has a calendar which is a basic feature of every planner. This enables one to keep track of the date and important events such as an upcoming exam or a club meeting so that there’s no excuse for being absent anymore.  This is helpful not only for students but also for teachers who themselves are stretching their schedule just to attend to as much events as possible.


With this feature, it is also possible to plan ahead of time since the calendar is for the whole year. The student can mark important dates in ahead of time and identify which days of the month may be devoted to extracurricular activities or for leisure.

Finally, the high school planner can be used for making a ’to-do-list’. High school is a time to balance social activities and enjoyment with study time. With a list of things that should be done, students can easily prioritize which ones to do first and which ones can be put off for another time.

Use of different personality tests in clinical psychology

Just as there are different types of mental disorders, there are also a number of treatment approaches. Most experts opine that it is hard to pinpoint a single approach that works for all insisting that most conditions require an interaction of remedies and professional therapies. The starting point to most conditions is in understanding the problem, as well as the personality of the individual involved. One major approach that has become the mainstream strategy today is a personality test. Personality tests include the psychological assessment of an individual by a psychologist to better understand the underlying problems and the required remedy.


Personality tests are used to determine a patient’s mental health issues and psychological wellbeing. It is also used to gauge a person’s IQ and other components that can help ascertain an individual’s strengths and weaknesses.  The key point to note when it comes to these tests is that they are conducted with the aspect of time in mind. Experts in mental health often refer to this situation as ‘present functioning’ and insist that such results cannot be used to predict future behaviors.

Personality testing does not refer to any one test, but rather it encompasses a wide range of scientifically proven tests and processes of evaluating certain aspects of an individual’s psychological entity. Different tests focus on different aspects, and the strength of the findings can only be determined by the available evidence.  Due to its impact on an individual, personality testing can only be conducted by a licensed psychologist although interns and trainees can also administer the tests.

Clinical aspect

One major way of conducting personality testing is through clinical interview.  This kind of assessment takes place in a clinician’s office. It presents with a wonderful opportunity for the doctor to gather crucial information about the background and family history of the patient. This is tantamount to an information gathering interview for the doctor’s benefit. The doctor, at this stage, asks queries that are pertinent to the condition to try and understand the links that may be there. Clinical interviewing is conducted regardless of whether the patient has been to a different doctor or not. A clinician would want to form an own impression of the patient, and this can only be accomplished through a direct interaction with the patient.

psychologyIQ assessment

IQ simply refers to a theoretical assessment of the level of an individual’s intelligence. There are two measures of intelligence that are used to accomplish this, and they include intelligence and neuropsychological tests. The most commonly used measure of intelligence is Wechsler scale. Although not commonly used, Stanford-Binet scale is also regarded as equally effective. Neuropsychological testing is a bit extensive and may even require two days to complete. This is because it focuses not only on an individual’s intelligence but also on cognitive prowess of an individual.  This kind of testing is usually carried out on people who have brain problems or any other kind of brain dysfunction.

Personality testing

Personality testing is a crucial way of helping a doctor to understand the patient’s personality. Personality is broad and involves a number of factors that have taken a person’s entire lifespan to develop. Personality is usually a function of genetic, psycho-social and environment influences. The two major tests in this include objective and projective tests. Objective tests are merely true or false tests that are used to understand the dysfunctions that may exist in an individual’s personality. Projective tests, on the other hand, are used to understand an individual’s perspective of the world.

Behavioral tests

These are simple tests that are used to assess and individual’s behavior for the professional to better understand the motivations and triggers behind the behaviors. This is one of the best ways of providing solutions to unacceptable behaviors and of influencing a positive change.  This can be accomplished through naturalistic approach where the doctor simply observes the individual in their natural setting.  It can also be done through self monitoring where the individual is asked to record journals of their behaviors over a certain time span.

The use of the above various personality tests no doubt provide clinical psychologists with a better view and understanding of their patient. Such assessments help in diagnosis and treatment of the various conditions.

Top 10 risks at work you may not have thought of

Whether you work in an office or on a building site, it’s essential to stay safe. Accidents can happen when you least expect them, so always wear personal protective equipment such as hi vis vests when necessary and follow all health and safety regulations, big and small.

You may think your job is relatively hazard-free, but here are 10 risks, found in most workplaces, that you might not have thought of:

Tripping over wires

With so much electrical equipment about these days, it can be easy to trip over computer, telephone or Internet wires. This could lead to a serious injury so always make sure loose cables are tucked out of the way to avoid an unwanted and unnecessary visit to the accident and emergency room.

Repetitive strain injury

You can only get repetitive strain injury by playing sports right? Wrong! Upper strain injury (also called work-related upper limb disorder) is associated with doing one action repeatedly or for a long period of time, so even typing or answering the phone could cause this condition. Be sure to take regular breaks and stretch tired muscles to prevent cramping and discomfort.


With our busy modern lifestyles often leading to us rushing around at work, dealing with the children, running errands and more, it can be easy to become dehydrated – particularly if you’re doing a high-energy task and forget to drink enough water. According to NHS Choices, this could cause many side effects such as feeling lethargic or confused, so always make sure you have some water to hand.

workplace safetyFalling objects

While you might expect falling objects on a construction site, you might not expect to be hit on the head at your desk. However, things can topple over at any time or place so never put anything heavy or wobbly on a high shelf just in case it decides to fall over and cause an accident.

Collapsing chairs

Imagine sitting on your chair only to go crashing to the ground. If office equipment is poorly maintained it’s condition can deteriorate. This can put employees at risk, so always ensure everything is in tip-top shape and replace broken or damaged goods.

Poor lighting

Are your eyes feeling strained and sore? Perhaps you’re constantly suffering from headaches and migraines? If so, you might be working under poor lighting. There are many rules and regulations regarding workplace lighting, so it’s worth bringing this up at your next company meeting.

Burns and scalds

Making a cup of tea is not usually considered dangerous, but if you’re in a rush you could end up with burns and scalds. Sure, office meetings and client deadlines are important but always give you enough time to make a brew to avoid having an accident.

Damage to your hearing

If you’re allowed to listen to music at work, that’s great, just make sure you don’t turn the volume up too loud. It’s thought that cranking up the sound while wearing headphones can damage the nerve cell coating leading to temporary deafness.

Heat stress

Heat stress occurs when your body’s natural cooling mechanisms fail to work. This can lead to heat exhaustion, heat stroke, muscle cramps, a lack of concentration and you might even faint. Therefore if it’s a hot day, ensure you have enough to drink, wear appropriate clothing and ask for any heating devices to be turned off.

Not being seen

If you’re working outside during daylight hours, you might presume that every Tom, Dick and Harry can see you – but think again. Many people (including drivers) are worryingly preoccupied so don’t take your safety for granted. Always wear hi vis clothing, particularly if you’re working by a road and stay vigilant.

Employees have the right to work in a safe and well-maintained workplace, so always flag something up with your employer if you feel it’s not safe to carry out your daily duties.

How to pay attention in class using three tips.

Your mind gets destructed the moment when attention is so much needed. When there is noise coming from hallway, a stained shirt of a classmate and the thought about dinner makes it hard for one not to concentrate in class.

Academic paper writers from are sharing these three important tips that will help you be attentive in class.

  1. Be an active participant in class lectures

It’s not all about the use of mouth as most lectures requires you to be passive. By being more active in a class lecture one is required to take down notes but not everything is supposed to be written. Take note of important parts because most of the time your lecturer may use nonverbal communication. Try to be keen when they are speaking about something that may interest you. At times when they use verbal communication especially raising their voices, slowing down or try to emphasize something these may bring your attention and may be noted down.

  1. study and clasroom tipsBe the first one in class and get yourself a seat at the front

Sitting at the back of the room makes one to get tired easily in a lecture and start switch off their minds to a dreaming area. It also makes one get too comfortable and fall asleep easily. When in such a state your lecturer won’t be in a position to notice it. A lot is missed at that moment yet you went to class to get the lecture. By sitting near the front an eye contact between you and your instructor will ease your attention as the whole session will tend to be friendly.

  1. Be a participant

By taking down notes it has been noted that it is not the only way that can make you participate. A session is usually given by the instructor to students after a lecture to ask question, instead of being the one answering them for other students in the classroom, you are asked to take the advantage of the time given. That will help you get a good opportunity to get clarity of your question and also it will help you understand better what you already learned during the lecture hour. By participating in the given session it will make boost your attention in class. It has been noted that some instructors award bonus point when a student participates in class, when there is that opportunity go for it as it will help you boost your grades.

Unique opportunity to pursue post-graduate degrees and credentials

 There are many individuals that may have put their aspirations to obtain a graduate-level degree on the back burner, secondary to busy jobs, commitments, and family lives. There are some intriguing opportunities emerging that can facilitate those who may not find time to attend conventional college courses, or that may be reticent to rejoin a traditional campus community at this point in their life.

Some online universities and colleges are beginning to respond to this demand with the offering of many post-graduate courses and degree programs that can make these goals a practical reality. With the flexibility and stray from convention that online course work features, many people are discovering that they do in fact have time to chip away at the long coveted diploma from the comforts of their own homes.

post graduate degreeMonash online is one such resource and they offer some very enticing and pragmatic post-graduate courses that can easily fit in with the career goals of many already working in the field of their choice. For instance, some of the graduate level degree programs surround healthcare, information technology, engineering, and law. This is an alluring option for those that have long believed that the only way to obtain their graduate degrees, both Master’s level and Doctorate diplomas, would be to enroll and become a matriculated student at a brick-and-mortar college setting.

The admission process is similar to that which is required at any conventional educational institution, and the courses taken are the same core offerings that directly relate to the field, career, or degree sought by the students. There are admission representatives and instructors that offer hands-on assistance to students that desire this engagement, while also fostering the autonomy and independence that are inherent to online educational pursuits. The option of degrees through coursework and classes taken is one option awaiting prospective students, while degrees based on research projects and culminated experiences is another. The latter primarily focus on a few graduate degrees including post-graduate diplomas in Philosophy.

The innovation presented to prospective graduate students through online learning is extensive, and there truly are solutions to any obstacle posing delays for those motivated to achieve academic goals. Getting a degree has never been easier; what are you waiting for?