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The Education Liberator, Vol. 1, No. 2, October 1995

From the Editor

Separation Alliance advances!

In the last month, The Separation Alliance successfully brought to fruition two more projects that have been planned and under development for months. First, the Separation of School & State Alliance Web Pages were publicly announced on August 18. Many thanks to WebMaster Peter Cappello for designing and implementing our web site and to the "Online Team" for their feedback, help, and encouragement. To enjoy their handiwork, visit:

If you don't have access to the World Wide Web, find a friend who does! You'll find your name on the Registry of Proclamation endorsers (if we haven't messed up ? apologies to JK in California), links to home pages and organizations where appropriate, details of our upcoming conference, and much more.

Secondly, plans for SepCon '95, the first annual conference of the Separation of School & State Alliance, have been finalized. You will be amazed at how many top notch educational thinkers responded to the opportunity to speak at this historic event! We're starting a movement that will dramatically change education in America and SepCon '95 is your opportunity to meet some of the people making it happen. The enclosed insert provides all the details.

As a grassroots movement, we depend on our readers and supporters to provide the critical and highly effective "word-of-mouth" advertising. Share the information about the conference and the web site with any friends interested in the future of education!

Readers will also appreciate The Education Liberator's new look this month. Kathleen Richman of MKR Associates, our new graphics/layout specialist, employed her considerable talents developing it. I'm excited about having her join us on The Education Liberator as we continue to improve and march forward.

Many thanks to those who sent comments and congratulations on our premiere issue! Next month we'll inaugurate our "Letters to the Editor" section and start printing some of your suggestions and feedback.

Chris Cardiff

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