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How to move your children from government schools to Honest Education

Becoming aware of resources available for parents considering moving their children from public school

Some parents are ready to take the big step to move their children from government school and enroll them in private or homeschool ? they just need to find out how and where to do so.

Many others are considering the idea but are concerned about the cost of private schooling or the difficulty of homeschooling. For some, neither of those solutions seems practical for them.

We've pulled together information not only on private and homeschooling, but also on a number of creative alternatives that can help overcome difficulties facing many families.

The following organizations offer information or services that might be helpful to you. Since there are hundreds of sites, we have tried to select those that are useful to the broadest audiences.

We've made no attempt to separate the "sacred" from the "secular," since many faith-based organizations offer services and solutions that are non-sectarian in nature, and many non-religious organizations offer products and services that are of benefit to people of faith. So as you're doing your research, please don't exclude any organization out-of-hand because of its label ? you might overlook a valuable resource!

Please be aware (beware?): The Alliance for the Separation of School & State takes no position on the merits of various forms of schooling.

Our central position is that parents have the right, and many would say duty, to put their children in an educational environment that reinforces the values and virtues that the children are learning at home. In other words, we urge parents to pick a school where the teachers and administrators already agree with you and hence will not be undermining your values and the virtues you are trying to impart to your children.