"I proclaim publicly that I favor ending government involvement in education."
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Children need Honest Education

Separating School from State
Is the Only Way to Get There

Fifty years ago, Americans were thunderstruck by Rudolph Flesch's best seller, "Why Johnny Can't Read." Today we have evidence that Johnny not only can't read, but he doesn't even want to. Worse, Johnny can't behave himself. What happened?

The "Three R's"

Many parents believe that the core of "education" is primarily learning the Three R's: Readin', Writin', and 'Rithmatic.

With the media attention to test scores of schools, districts, and statesand politicians sensing that "education is a hot issue"school leaders have developed a mania for looking good on tests.

Odd as it may seem, their low-score phobia pushes them to turning children into test-taking robots. Many a teacher will tell you that we are drifting ever further from genuine education.

"Education" is more than skills training

When our schools help an intelligent person become the smartest accountant in the world, but somehow undermine his moral formation, they turn out an embezzler you can't catch, so we need to build a better education system.

Traditional educators, on the other hand, held "wisdom"not just skillsas the goal of an educated person. But for over a century, American school leaders have more and more focused on "career skills" and for over a half-century, on "life adjustment" or "social skills" as the ultimate goal for their students.

This is dishonest. Schools implicitly tell students a lie: Mere professional and social success can bring satisfaction. How many parents believe that a person can find happiness by selling a cancer therapy he knew was a fraud?

We in the Alliance for Separation of School & State believe that the restoration of "Honest Education" can help every Johnny and Jill on their path to wisdom.

Indeed, even the earliest stages of wisdomfor example, diligencewill help them apply themselves to learning the many important skills of life, including Readin', Writin', and 'Rithmatic.

Some of the Big Questions of Life

  1. Why am I here? Is there any purpose to my life?
  2. Why is there so much evil in the world? How can I know what is good and what is evil?
  3. Why is there so much suffering in the world? How should I handle suffering of others? How should I handle my own?
  4. Is there a Supreme Being? Does he care about us?
  5. What is truth? Are there any permanent truths?
Honest Education promotes discussion among teachers and students of "The Big Questions of Life." It can also be called real, authentic, or genuine education.

When one grasps the underlying structure of school-by-government (called "public schools" in U.S.), it becomes easier to solve the riddle of why all school reforms have failed for the entire 160-year existence of state schooling in America.

Separation of school and state applies to schooling the approach Americans have used for churching: Government doesn't run, compel, or finance Sunday School. We believe the same approach should be applied to Monday school, Tuesday school, Wednesday school, etc., etc.

Dishonest Education

Dishonest education deceives teachers, students, and parents by pretending that a person should "compartmentalize" his life. That means the Big Questions of Life can be discussed home and church but not brought into school, the workplace, or the political process.

Compartmentalizing causes a breakdown in the integrity of all who try it. We saw this breakdown at Enron, Arthur Anderson, WorldCom, etc. People who were in the church choir on Sunday were shredding audit reports on Monday. They were compartmentalizing their lives.

Prominent People Who are Signatories of the Proclamation

Recent Signers
Joseph Farah
Writer, Author, Editor and CEO of WorldNetDaily
John K. Rosemond
Psycologist, Author, Syndicated columnist and Speaker on parenting
Mark Shea
Catholic Apologist, Author, Speaker, and blogger
Penn & Teller
Magicians, Comedians and Variety Show Hosts
Dinesh D'Souza
Author, What's So Great About America, The Virtue of Prosperity, The End of Racism and Illiberal Education
Larry Elder
Talk Show Host, Syndicated Columnist and Author, The Ten Things You Can't Say In America
"Public" and Private School Educators
John Taylor Gatto
1991 New York State Teacher of the Year
William Kirk Kilpatrick
Author, Why Johnny Can't Tell Right from Wrong
Home School Leaders
John Mark Reynolds
Biola University
Art Robinson
Publisher, Access to Energy
Raymond Stalker
Executive Director, Illinois Christian Home Educator
Policy Leaders
Ron Paul
US Congressman, Texas
Fred Smith
President, Competitive Enterprises Institute
Ed Crane
President, Cato Institute
Business, Media, and Foundation Leaders
Barry Conner
Homebuilder, Gainesville, Georgia
Douglas Dewey
Children's Scholarship Fund
Tom Monaghan
Founder of Domino's Pizza
Talk Show Hosts
Chuck Baker
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Gary Nolan
Rocky River, Ohio
Lowell Ponte
Carlsbad, California
Religious Leaders
D James Kennedy
Coral Ridge Ministries
Fr Hugh Barbour O Praem
St. Michael's Abbey
Rabbi Mayer Schiller
Teacher, Author
Mark Skousen
Foundation for Economic Education
Hamza Yusuf Hanson
Islamic Scholar

School-by-government can never be Honest Education

A teacher who has children of different beliefs in her classroom can't honestly share her own beliefs on the Big Questions because that would seriously undermine some of the parents. Such honesty by a teacher would result in intolerable turmoil among parents and administrators, costly lawsuits, and if she persists, very likely the loss of her job.

Rather than teaching the children in common, some countries have government support for religious schools. Over the years, constant meddling by political forces has gradually drained religion from the subsidized schools so that they have become state school look-alikes.

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WARNING: If your family income depends on today's government schoolingor if you are considering running for elective officeyour public endorsement of Honest Education may be used against you by your opponents.