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The Education Liberator, Vol. 2, No. 3, April 1996

School Sakharovs ? Update

Apologies to several School Sakharovs we missed in last month's issue with the map:

  • Leda Bowers, Reading, Penn.
  • Fred Carpenter, Tyndall, South Dakota
  • Eric Ebeling, Wynnewood, PA, former professor of education
  • Michael Edelstein, San Francisco
  • Joe Hauptman, Indianapolis
  • And welcome our newest Sakharov, Eva Rosenbaum, Fresno, retired after 43 years a public school first grade teacher.

Andrei Sakharov won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1975. From his position of eminence within the Soviet Union, Sakharov courageously denounced the failures of communism within his own country. School Sakharovs are educators who have worked within our educational system, have witnessed its failures first hand, and are willing to speak out about why they now favor the separation of school and state.

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