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The Education Liberator, Vol. 2, No. 7, August/September 1996

Letters to the Editor

You make the case against vouchers but you've forgotten to list me as a Freedom Lover For (with reservations galore).

John Taylor Gatto
New York, New York

What is the alternative [to vouchers]? To keep the remnant in the non- government sector pure, and write off other people's children? Or, to wait until things get so bad that the people will finally turn to the "real alternative?" Neither of these is attractive.

Clifford F. Thies
Winchester, Virginia

We were flooded with responses to our invitation, in our previous issue, for pro-voucher writers to step forward and make their case. Next issue we will publish as many of the letters and articles as space allows. Thanks to everyone who answered our challenge.

The Editor

On the subject of vouchers ? congratulations for your bold stand!

Until your recent newsletter, I have thought that vouchers might be the most appropriate way to fund elementary and secondary education. I now agree with you wholeheartedly that all schools should be totally divorced from governments at all levels and never accept any government funding, because sooner or later, there would be strings attached. It's in the nature of the political beast to want to lay conditions on any government-funded entity. There is no true freedom possible for schools taking government money.

Looking at these issues historically, the reasons for government-funded schools make as much sense as the unthinkable reasons for government-funded churches!

Richard G. Rettig
Oceanside, California
(Richard G. Rettig is the author of the op-ed piece, "It's time to separate school and state," reprinted on page 3.)

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