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The Education Liberator, Vol. 2, No. 8, October 1996

Letters to the Editor

A Vote for Idealism

Government money must be followed by government controls. That is why tax-funded schools tend to be half as good as non-public schools ? at twice the cost.

My vote is for truly free enterprise schools, without government rebates, vouchers ? or controls. Idealistic? Sure. Just like free enterprise grocery stores. Or free enterprise clothing stores. Or very private churches. Vouchers: No! Freedom: Yes!

Carl F. Bachle
Jackson, Michigan

Dependency: Teachers, too

Once I understood that my salary as a public school teacher is totally dependent on the will of politicians, I decided that when I retire from teaching, I will engage in work that will not keep me subordinate to the whims of the state. I understand how trapped a welfare recipient or someone dependent on government assistance must feel. I don't like it, and I intend to bail out at the first opportunity.

Jeannie Walker
Birmingham, Alabama

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