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The Education Liberator, Vol. 2, No. 9, November 1996

SepCon'96 excitement builds

The excitement of preparing for SepCon'96 continues. You may get an extra SepCon flier because you subscribe to Rick Maybury's Early Warning Report, World Magazine, Sobran's, Policy Review, Freedom Daily, Heterodoxy, The Report Card, Up Close, or belong to Plymouth Rock Foundation, or are a customer of Landmark Books, St. Joseph Communication, Jerry Mintz' Alt. School Handbook, Holt Associates, or some other wonderful group that donated, rented, or bartered their list so we could attract a wide spectrum of folks.

SepCon'96 will be the inauguration of a new award, the "William Wilburforce Award for Tenacious and Valuable Volunteering for Advancing Separation." Three winners will be announced at SepCon'96 and will receive a splendid token of our appreciation.

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