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The Education Liberator, Vol. 3, No. 3, April 1997

Highlights from Marshall's recent travels...

Thursday, March 20: John Stossel accepted my invitation that we meet while I was breezing through NYC. What a surprise that he invited me to his home for a nightcap. Three back-to-back 20-minute discussions resolved that we see eye-to-eye on a couple important issues, have some differences on others, and that my story-line ideas don't make "good video." Maybe we should start a contest of "America's Saddest School Videos," eh? It was doubly fun to have inner-city super-teacher Carlo DiNoto with me on the visit. (Carlo signed the Proclamation right after our visit.)

Tuesday, March 25: Finally was able to present the 1996 Alexis de Tocqueville Award for Advancing Educational Freedom to William Bentley Ball. He was clearly moved by the lovely box, inscription, and biography of Thomas More. Bill and I were able to even keep our voucher discussion amazingly civil. (I suspect he is always quite a gentleman.) It was extra fun because we got to share the moment with Separationist Julia Bunn who had volunteered as designated driver for the day.

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