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The Education Liberator, Vol. 3, No. 4, May 1997

Jack Shimek:
A "Natural" for Separation

Joining the Separation Alliance and helping to organize a New Hampshire chapter were easy steps for Jack Shimek to take. As head of the Freedom Forum of Nashua, N.H., and an activist in the Nashua Taxpayers Association, he already devotes time to trying to get government out of his life and the lives of his neighbors.

"New Hampshire has a pro-freedom kind of history," Shimek says. But that history doesn't stop politicians from trying to increase their control over citizens, he adds. According to him, the Nashua taxpayers' group got started because people were angry over school taxes "going up and up and up." He thinks the members of that group will be ripe for the Separation message, especially now that moves are afoot to have the state take over kindergarten.

Shimek, a consulting mechanical engineer and a father, advises that laying the groundwork for a Separation chapter starts with as simple a step as contacting sympathetic individuals in one's own town or state. "People like finding out that there are others right around them who believe in Separation. When you call them to meet one another and to join together, they will respond."

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