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The Education Liberator, Vol. 3, No. 5, June 1997

Boothing Success, For All!

"Parent Responsibility Quiz" Wins People to Separation

by Marshall Fritz

William Wilburforce called them "launchers." They were little devices to get the conversation onto the subject of ending the slave trade, and then ending slavery itself.

We recognized the need for a good Separation launcher in 1994, and even made a valient effort to devise one last year. But the implementaion failed, and I let it lay fallow for a while. Then on a teleconference with Separationists Lorenzo Gaztanaga of Maryland, Gary Nydegger of Colorado, and John Tuttle of Michigan, the idea finally blossomed into what we needed.

The next morning I wrote a new "Parent Responsibility Quiz" (PRQ) (see next page), got improvement suggestions from three close advisors, typeset it and made 200 copies for a home school curriculum faire where we had a booth that night and all day Saturday. One of the things we wanted to find out was whether taking the Quiz would nudge people toward signing our Separation Proclamation.

Let the results speak for themselves:

Booth hours 11
Quiz takers 223
Takers per booth hour 20
Proclamation signers 90
Signers per booth hour 8

Distribution of PRQ scores
100% 171
90% 32
80% 12
70% 4
60% 3
30% 1

Ratio of Signers to:
100-percenters 53%
All quiz takers 40%

When a person completed the Quiz, we'd ask them if they had home schooled for a year or more, or less than a year. Then we would put an appropriately colored dot on a large display chart. This gives us a little more data:

Senior home schoolers 172
Senior home schoolers scoring 100% 144
Percentage scoring 100% 84%
New or non-home schoolers 51
New/non-home schoolers scoring 100% 29
Percentage scoring 100% 57%

While the sample size is small enough to give rise to caution about drawing firm conclusions, it appears that the more senior home schoolers are more likely than "newbies" to want Separation.

Wilburforce would enjoy our bottle launcher, the PRQ, because it involves people, it invites them to think about a serious question, and it will work for all types of groups. Finally, we have a tool for boothing success for a variety of groups.

If you'd like to try a Separation booth yourself, you can find the necessary tools in our "Booth in a Button."

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