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Homeschoolers: Go on the offensive without being offensive

Some homeschoolers are eager to share the good news of homeschooling. Wouldn't it be great if somebody invented some ways of having monthly meetings where newcomers could "Get Acquainted with Home Schooling"?

It's already happening! Two ladies in Orange County, California, have been doing exactly this since mid-2001. You can find out more about them at:

An even broader vision

In 2003, we at the Alliance designed a project we called "Getting the Kids Out." The name comes from Dr. James Dobson's famous statement in his March 28, 2002 broadcast that Californians should "get their kids out of California schools."

GTKO was intended to be a major project for the Alliance, but we have had to delay it a year. You might get some ideas from reading the Concept Document, and you might even decide to do part of GTKO yourself. Download GTKO 3.7 PDF here.