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Did Public Schools Help Kill Terri Schiavo?

To: National Desk, Education Reporter

Contact: Marshall Fritz,
President of the Alliance for the Separation of School & State,

FRESNO, Ca., March 31 -- Marshall Fritz, president of the Fresno-based Alliance for the Separation of School & State, told supporters today, "From M.A.C.O.S. (Man, A Course of Study) in the 1960s and Values Clarification in the 1970s, to multi-culturalism and so-called tolerance' programs today, public schools have worked hard to convince children that there are no permanent moral truths.

"Some of these children are now judges, attorneys, and political leaders. Today, all the world can see those chickens came home to roost: American judges insist Terri Schiavo be starved to death in central Florida and while others prosecute a man in south Florida who didn't feed his cows."

Many ask, "How could we all feel so helpless even though we know it's just plain wrong to starve a person to death?" The answer is fairly easy to see, Fritz says, when you understand how moral relativism has dominated our universities, teacher training, and 92,000 government-run "public" schools. Fritz explains the six-step logic.

  1. Today's "public school" educator has a "duty not to know what is right and wrong." They are allowed only private opinions and feelings.
  2. If a "public school" administrator or teacher were ever to claim that he is certain that he knows the truth about a moral question, he would be attacked as intolerant, judgmental, full of hate, and unable to be a team player.
  3. In our increasingly pluralistic society, schools would implode in a million lawsuits if educators ignored their duty to not know the truth about right and wrong.
  4. The folly of not knowing right from wrong has left us with two generations who believe nobody can govern himself. After all, you need to know right from wrong to self-govern, and if the average guy doesn't know right from wrong, you can't expect him to govern himself any more than you'd trust a 3-year old to govern himself.
  5. It follows that if a society cannot trust the individuals to govern themselves, then they need some person or agency to tell everybody what to do. We in America don't like the "strong-man" approach of a tyrant. We don't like the Stalins, Hitlers, and Saddam Husseins.
  6. Hence we have opted for "judicial tyranny." The judges have spoken. Who are we, mere citizens, to judge their judgments?

The plain truth is that "public schooling" has so anti-educated two generations of Americans that we stood by helpless as our "justice system" went haywire and starved a helpless lady to death.

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