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Parent-directed education: The Biblical mandate

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Satan has no brakes

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Prominent Bible-based Christians who have endorsed liberating schools from political influence

Bible-based Christians who have endorsed liberating schools from political influence

Robin Agerton
Mountainburg, AR
Patricia Ackerman
Lake Elsinore, CA; Early Childhood Educator, Sunday School Teacher, Retired
John Ackland
Maple Grove, MN
Matthew & Michelle Adams
Hephzibah, GA; Minister; Sales and Housewife
Carmel D. Adkins
Campobello, SC; Christian father of 3
Rebecca Ahmed
Williamsport, PA
Barbara K. Akers
Sandy, UT
Galen Alexander
Cleveland, OH; Mechanic, Family of four, Southern Baptist
Charles D. Allen
Williamsport, PA
Stuart Allen & C.A. Walker
Gilroy, CA
Nancy Altschuler
Fresno, CA
K. Michelle Alvaradi
Yvonne Alvarado
Fresno, CA
V. Amaev
Fresno, CA
Robert & Marna Ames
Marion, IL; Christian School Parent, Home School Advocate
David Amundsen
Minneapolis, MN, Builder
Jodi Anaya
Ducor, CA
Kathy Albert
Trout Run, PA; Homemaker-Homeschooler
Joe & Suzanne M. Albrecht
New Hope, MN
Mark & Mary Alderton
Minneapolis, MN; Senior Scientist, Homemaker/teacher
Eva Anderson
Williamsport, PA
Glenn & Dorenna Anderson
Kearns, UT; Glenn is a HVAC Technician & Dorenna is a Teacher & Nurses aid
Jeffrey A. & Laura A. Anderson
Frisco, TX; Jeff is Christian School teacher (English & Bible), Laura is CPA-attend Presbyterian Church & adamant advocates of classical & home school models
Laurance Anderson
Edina, MN
DeEtte Anderton
Orem, UT; Divorced, Christian homeschooling mom, family participates in a local theater and maltese dog rescue
Lawrence & Mrs. Larry Andrade
Swampscott, MA; Volunteer state rep for Exodus 2000 in Massachusetts,
Ellie Andrew
San Jose, CA; Director/owner Plantation Christian School; member National Coalition of Alternative Community Schools
Dawn Ankrum
Greeley, CO; Owner of Licensed Christian Home, Kid Care, Sunday School teacher with husband & 2 children
Diana Anz-Meador
Williamsport, PA; Ex-therapist, Business Owner
Mark & Michelle Arellano
Salt Lake City, UT; Drywaller, homemaker, parents of 3
Melissa Arnett
Fresno, CA
Terry Arnold
Williamsport, PA
Judy P. Atkins
Williamsport, PA
Elaine Atkinson
Colorado Springs, CO; College educated, Christian homeschooling mother,
Karen Aubart
Minneapolis, MN; At-home parent
Tracy Avallone
Williamsport, PA
Keith Avellino
Alexandria, VA; Father of 6, co-founder of, offering Christian academies/homeschoolers web based curriculum in future,
Lonnie & Brenda Ayers, Jr.
Suffolk, VA; Chiropractic Assistants
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