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Latter-day Saints and expulsion

Prominent Latter-day Saints who have endorsed liberating schools from political influence

Latter-day Saints who have endorsed liberating schools from political influence

Robin Agerton
Mountainburg, AR
Joe Alexander
Stamping Ground, KY; Latter-day Saints, homeschooling a growing family
Cheri Moon Allen
Manti, UT
Chris Allen
Springville, UT; Husband of Renae father of Marshall, Zachary, Laney, & Spencer
Sterling Allen
Manti, UT
David Allred
Genola, UT; Diagnostic Med Serv, Inc
Ivy Allred
Genola, UT
Tangie Alsop
Moroni, UT; I'm a homeschooler and I love it !!!!!! I learn better and I am happier !!!!!
Ronald Amos
Salt Lake City, UT; Life Member Libertarian Party
Christine Andersen
Payson, UT; Homemaker
Jennifer Anderson
York, PA; Mother of 4 children, priviledged to stay at home and be there for them.
Dixie Andrew
Dale Armour
West Jordan, UT; Correctional Officer/Student Engineer, 2 children, LDS, Family is my hobby.
Debra A. Astle
Roseville, CA; Mother, active in LDS church
Jessica Ball
North Logan, UT
Connie Bankston
Hudson, WI; Homemaker and soon to be student studying Naturopath. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Vickee Barker
Springville, UT; Homemaker
Cynthia Baxter
Warren, MA; I am a (n LDS) seminary teacher and a member of the IBEW Union, I'm the steward of the 1944 union, I work full time & run my own home
Fred Behrmann
Mesa, AZ; Self employed
Erin Belmont
Jalyn Bertagnolli
Cedar City, UT; LDS Homeschooling Mother of 9 children
Dinah Bradford
Spanish Fork, UT; I am 33 years old and after being through public education in 3 states, I feel I have the right to judge from experience the kind of education my childen should receive, i.e., home education.
Lucile Ann Brauch
Spanish fork, UT; Has 5 children, homeschooled last two children which were boys and now adults. I'm a grandmother so I am concerned about education thats out there and what's happening to our children.
Denise Broadhead
Woodland Hills, UT
Kameron Broadhead
Woodland Hills, UT; 10,000th Signer of Proclamation; Pharmacist, Albertson's Pharmacy
Paul & Susan Brown
Montgomery, AL; Homeschool parents of six children
Karlene Browning
Pleasant Grove, UT
Pierce & Dorian Bundy
Springville, UT
Angie Caldwell
Ogden, UT; I have a degree in (secondary) education but have chosen to homeschool my children because of concerns for their academic, moral (spirtual), and soocial welfare.
Carolyn Carruth
Washougal, WA; Three-time school board member
Dana Chamberlain
Enoch, UT
Liberty Cheney
Orem, UT; Mother of 2 (1 1/2 and 10 mo) plan to homeschool.
Lee Choquette
Needles, CA; Software engineer, LDS, homeschooling four daughters
Nancy Christiansen
Orem, UT; Crown West Library Services
Gordon Clarke
Grass Valley, CA; Former LDS Bishop, Fresno Stake, California
Sheri Cluff
Mapleton, UT
Marnae Coleman
Draper, UT
Janine Converse
Lehi, UT
Jenny Cook
Salt Lake City, UT; Self employed
J.E. Crosby
Mobile, AL; Single/Libertarian Party Member
Amber Curtis
Tucson, AZ; Starting 3d year HS
Dr Bruce & Janet Daniel
Vernal, UT; Father, dentist, advocate for Social Security reform by privatization; mother, Town Planning Commissioner
Karen Daniel
Lehi, UT
Carrie Darata
Alpharetta, GA; Homemaker
Liz de Forest
Walla Walla, WA; Housewife, homeschooling mother of 3, Libertarian
Rachael De Graw
Spanish Fork, UT; I am 15 years old and I have been public schooled and homeschooled. My personal opinion is that home school for youth is far superior. Thank you!
De Graw
Spanish Fork, UT; Homeschooling mom - 7 children
Glennis Dean
Payson, UT; I'm an Australian, convert to the LDS Church & a unique individual in my approach to life. I follow my heart & use my head too. I love truth and wisdom, am always willing to pay the price to do what I know is good to do!
Jenny Dean
Cowgill, MO; 7 children - homeschooling 15 years
Vietta Durfee
Payson, UT; I believe it is my responsibility to feed, clothe, instruct, and educate my own children.
Eric Ebeling, Ph.D. & Rene W. Ebeling
Wynnewood, PA; Founder, Live and Learn (for homeschoolers); LDS unschooler of four; Bishopric. Former professor of Education History.
Janna Empey
Todd Evans
Hereford, AZ; Senior Systems Administrator/Security Analyst, Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, Homeschooling Father, Member of LDS, Constitutionalist
Linda Fiatoa
Whitehall, OH; Homemaker, husband, 3 children, Latter-day Saints, reading, internet
Lynn Fife
South Burlington, VT; Former LDS Stake President; Professor Agricultural Economics, Univ. of Vermont, ret.
Faye Fitzhugh
Brigham City, UT; Homeschooled 7 children for 6 years.
Jana Flaherty
Ogden, UT; Self employed
Alan Fluckiger
Burley, ID; President, American Heritage Academy; former LDS bishop
Karen Francom
Helper, UT
Stephanie Freeman
Lehi, UT; BYU
Kay Gerber
Bountiful, UT
Carol J. & Lisa Gibbs
Anaheim, CA; Homeschooling mom/ homeschooled student
Joy Gibson
Enoch, UT; 9 children still married
Leslie Giminez
Everett, WA
Marc Giminez
Everett, WA
Lorna Goodman
Alpine, UT
H. Dean Gover
Torrance, CA; Father of four successful grown children; advocate of home schooling; active LDS member.
Cindi Graham
Riverton, UT
Alexandra Greene
Christiansburg, VA; Housewife with 8 children, Mormon getting interested in government and loves to go camping
Andy Groft
Cedar City, UT; George Wythe College
Geoffery Grunewald
Calgary, AB; Stake President in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints--Responsible for my family and temporal and religious instruction of 1700 members of our church
Heidi Hailsonte
Orem, UT
Matthew Hailstone
Orem, UT
Myranda Malgerson
Magna, UT; Homeschooling mother/teacher
Kino Handy
Saline, MI
Laura Hansen
Sandy, UT
P&ivi Hansen
Salem, UT
Satu Hansen
Salem, UT
Sherrie Hatch
Bountiful, UT; Homeschooled 1 yr, kindergarten
Kathi Hayes
Jacque Heaney
Salt Lake Cty, UT
Patrik Heaney
Salt Lake Cty, UT; Citadel Comm
Dave Heatt
Pinon, AZ
Jennifer Hill
Salem, UT
Leah Hill
Salem, UT
Teri Hill
Gooding, ID
James Francis Holwell
Santa Rosa, CA; Burned out Math Teacher, active as a tutor, counsellor, promoter; Educator - at large, available as resource to home-schoolers
Linda Hopkins
Santaquin, UT; I am LDS homeschool mother of 4.
Matt Hopkins
Santaquin, UT
Nathan Hopkins
Spanish fork, UT
Marc Hopper
Santaquin, UT; Ligato Systems
Bryan Howell
Centerville, UT
Laura Ison
Provo, UT
Susan Jackson
Orem, UT
Amy Jensen
Pleasant Grove, UT; Private School teacher
Celia Johnson
Riverton, UT
Brice Johnston
Brinai Johnston
James ""Jim"" Jones
Westminster, CA; Familyhood Education
Milo Jury
Colton, CA; Public School Teacher with family of 5, member of LDS church
Jeff & Joy Kendall
Las Vegas, NV; Parents of 7, LDS, PTA Pres
Sawn & Amy Kennelly
Sandy, UT; AGRA E & E
Rachel Kerkslk
Cedar City, UT; 2 children, midwifery student, constitutionalist, homeschool mom, and I love it
Joyce Kinmont
Perry, UT; Support organization
Denise Knight
Payson, UT; Homemaker, early 30s, 3 children (5-10 yrs old), One child LD
E. Orlean Koehle
Santa Rosa, CA
Kara Lanctot
Grand Junction, CO; Self employed
J. Robert Latham
Sacramento, CA; Peace activist
Irene Lebedies
Bullhead City, AZ; Self employed
Carol Lowe
Fort Smith, AR
Gerald Luke Jr
Olathe, KS; Single 44 yrs. old, works fulltime for Remel Inc, member Latter-day Saints, enjoys stamps, coins, postcards, music of all kinds and reading
Chris Lunt
Oren, UT
Patricia Lyle
Fort Smith, AR
Julie Lyon
Moreno Valley, CA
Theron Lyon
Moreno Valley, CA; U.C. Riverside
Linda Madryle
Cedar City, UT; Served 4 yrs on schoolboard, happy term ended; doesn't favor gov't control but private education
Candace Madsen
Spring Lake, UT
Eric Madsen
Denver, CO
Roxanna Madsen
Denver, CO
Kaycie Maurer
Hilton Head Island, SC; I Like to sing, dance, act and play the piano. I'm 13 years old
Teri Maurer
Hilton Head Island, SC; Homemaker
Beverley McNeece
Springville, UT
Paul Mero
Salt Lake City, UT
Richard Mikesell
Park City, UT; Brookline Technologies
Laura Millward
Bicknell, UT
Brian Milne
West Jordan, UT; I believe that the Federal Government should be entirely out of education. But govevernment on the local level should have some involvement
Rachel Milne
West Jordan, UT; I favor complete elimination of federal funding and influence, & very limited involvement in local government
Karen Morris
Elk Ridge, UT
Veronica Mortenen
Highland, UT
Tresta Neil
Orem, UT; Mother of 4
DeAnne Nelson
Mantua, UT; Homeschooling 5 kids15 yrs
Jared Oldroyd
Marylin Oliphant
Santaquin, UT; Homemaker
Becky Olsen
Manti, UT; 5 children, homeschool 2
Jay Olsen
Natlie Olsen
Manti, UT; Student, 10th grade
Sandra Osburn
Rigby, ID
Rosa Osio
Provo, UT
Becky Osterhoudt
Mason City, NE
Jan Ostler
Layton, UT; Self employed
Anthony Overbay
Lincoln, CA
Chelise pack
Holladay, UT; I have four children, ages 8,5,3, and 5 mo.
Gerald Pack
Holladay, UT; Morgan Stanley Dean Witter
Richard Partridge
Brigham City, UT; Libertarian Candidate, Utah State House, District 24. Retired USN aviator
Ronald Payne
Spanish Fork, UT
Diana Pearson
Mc Kinnon, WY; 10 children
Leander Pearson
Mc Kinnon, WY
Wendy Peterson
Woodland Hills, UT
Penny Pickett
Calhan, CO; Homeschhool teacher, LDS Church, Three in family, gardening and quilting, wood working, science and writing
Gregory Post
Cameron Park, CA
Shauna Pulley
Sandy, UT
Christy & Craig Rand
Sandy, UT
Kristi Reicherbach
Centerville, UT
Randy Reynolds
Conyers, GA
Debra Ricketts
Henderson, NV; Libertarian homeschooling gunowner
Torry Ricketts
Henderson, NV; Retired Homeschooling - rep
Brenda Schow
Alpine, UT
Steven Schramm
Los Alamos, NM
Lehi & Jacqueline Sellers
Roseville, CA; Major, US Army (ret), homeschooler, substitute teacher
James Sevy
American Fork, UT
Faith Shaw
Pleasant Grv, UT; Self employed
Celestia Shumway
Provo, UT
Shelley Simiskey
Bruce Simon
Olathe, KS; Web Site Administrator and Vice Chairman for Nebraska Conservatives for Freedom
Cynthia Simunovich
Aromas, CA; Religion-LDS, Home Schoolers for over 15 years, Mom & Dad & 3 kids (out of 6) at home. Mom teaches piano, Dad is in construction, involved in community, all enjoy reading & the beach!
Mark Skousen
Winter Park, FL; Economist, Rollins College. Editor, "Forecasts & Strategies." Columists, "Ideas on Liberty."
Tim Skousen
Provo, UT; Student
Kimberli Small
Maquoketa, IA
Rosa Smallshaw
Clinton, CT; I am a mother of 2 girls (so far) and I know homeschool is the best way to go
Holly Smith
Judy Sobczak
Draper, UT
Jane Spreier
Pocatello, ID
Katrina Stott
Lindon, UT; 13 years like dancing, drawing, singing, and acting
Bethany Anne Sweany
Mission Hills, CA
David Sweany
Mission Hills, CA; MTA
Helen Sweany
Mission Hills, CA
Lanette Sweany
Mission Hills, CA
Joe Swick
Kent, WA; Freelance Translator (Japanese) and Program Manager; Latter-day
Laurie Thomas
Salt Lake City, UT
Nedra Tomlinson
Cedar City, UT; Homeschooled our children for 12 years--now, as Grandma, starting on second generation
Robert Tomlinson
Cedar City, UT; Semi-retired
Ann Blake Tracy, PhD
West Jordan, UT; Author of Prozac: Panacea or Pandora?, PhD & Expert on Antidepressants, returned missionary for Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and mother of two homeschoolers
Leroy Transfield
Orem, UT; Self employed
Kathryn E. Turner
Lincoln, CA; LDS Primary Teacher; LDS Parent, Public School Classified Aide in a technology center
D. Turpen
John B. Updike
Provo, UT
Paul & Susan Venable
London, OH; Paul is a Network Systems Consultant, Susan is a homeschooler, family of 7 with 2 children still at home, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Patricia Wageman
Roy, UT
Jean Wagner
Salt Lake City, UT; Retired
Clay Wagstaff
Tropic, UT; Self employed
Rebecca Wagstaff
Tropic, UT; Self empl;oyed
Shanter Walker
Lindon, UT; Mother, teacher, & student of 2 children
Bridgette Ward
Alma, AR; Altrista Plastics
Carol Webb
American Falls, ID; Has homeschooled 8 years; has some children in public school because force them to choose the way I want them to; feels part of break away generation
Michelle Wedhard
Tooele, UT; Homeschooling mother of 3. Have never had children in public school. Educated in early childhood education and had to forget most of what I wa staught to teach my own children.
Dr. Richard Wilkins
Managing Director, World Family Policy Center, BYU
Rebecca Williams
Lindon, UT
Christina Wolf
Austin, TX; Mom of 4 daughters. My husband and I educate our children at home, and wish to ensure our continuing freedom to do so without interference. We are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
Sharidee Wood
Eden, UT; I was homeschooled my whole life and want to do the same for my kids, but my husband's not so sure.
Billie Jo Zsembery
Woodstock, GA; LDS, Longview School
Tooele, UT