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Objectivists and
School Liberation

Of all the government undertakings, none has failed so disastrously as public education. The scope, the depth, and the evidence of this failure are observable all around us. To name three of its obvious symptoms: drug addition among the young (which is an attempt to escape the unbearable state of a mind unable to cope with existence) ? functional illiteracy (the inability of the average high-school or college graduate to speak English, i.e., to speak or write coherently) ? student violence (which means that students have not learned what savages know to some minimal extent: the impracticality and immorality of resorting to physical force).

Ayn Rand
Ayn Rand Letter, March 13, 1972

Objectivists who have endorsed liberating schools from political influence

Steven Kyle Bradford
USAF retired; Lompoc, CA
Herbert Cooper
Pallet manufacturer; Bloomfield, ON
Chris Delanoy
Transportation engineer; Edmonton, AB
Greg Gerig
Chino Hills, CA
Brett Hoffstadt
Aerospace engineer; Media, PA
John Kelly
Airline pilot; Indialatic, FL
Doug Leard
Information systems; Blue Bell, PA
William Murphy
Student; Chesterfield, MO
Tim Peterson
Sales; Brookfield, WI
Amanda Phillips
Accountant; Burlington, MA
Karen Selick
Bloomfield, ON
Luther Setzer
Mechanical Engineer; Cocoa, FL