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Internet Volunteers

(a) Developers to Supplement our Professionals
(b) Everybody to Use the Internet to Promote Honest Education

Web Development
If you enjoy email and/or the Internet, you just might find a rewarding outlet for your volunteer energy by helping us develop or promote the website. Even novices can find ways to help, especially in promoting (See below)

Before we recruit volunteers to implement new website features, we need to find a volunteer to be our Director of Volunteer Web Developers.

This person is an experienced web developer in his/her own right and is interested in developing or using managerial skills. It's hard to imagine a more challenging task. Perhaps organizing a half-dozen opera prima donnas to sing as a choir could be tougher-but I doubt it.

If you are interested in this challenge, please email to . Use the same address if you want to join the web development team.

Internet Promotion of Honest Education
A powerful website is useless without promotion. We need to have thousands, then tens of thousands of visitors each day. So we also need to develop a Web Promotion Team. It might number 10-20, and many of them will have no prior experience in web promotion. But they are willing to learn. Much of it requires no programming or web knowledge at all.

Again, we need to find a Director of Web Promotion first. Then together we can recruit and train the dozen or more Web Promotion team members. If you can consider a role in this crucial aspect of our growth, please email me at .

Also, please see the Affinity Email Forums on the next page. This is another great activity for a person who likes email but is not knowledgeable about website design.

Many Languages Project
Honest Education is needed in every country in the world. It is quite possible that nations such as India, El Salvador, the Czech Republic, etc., will leapfrog ahead of the U.S. on this issue. Nobody knows. But whichever country is first to move to Honest Ed, it will help all to answer any objections better than the most persuasive sound-bite.

We chose Spanish as our first step on the long road of translating our website into other languages. Volunteers from Colombia, Guatemala, and Mexico have us off to a good start.

Now we should start with Portuguese, Italian, French, German, Swedish, Russian, Urdu, etc. But before we do-as with other volunteer projects-first we must find a manager of the process.

While this person may speak several languages, that is not a requirement. The task is organizational: Recruit volunteer translators, send their work product to other native speakers for review and improvement, and when ready, send the trans-lations along to the web team for implementation.

If you might volunteer to be Director of Web Translations for a year, translating one or more documents, please email your thoughts (in English!) to .