Alliance for the Separation of School?&?State
1071 N. Fulton St.
Fresno, CA 93728


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Registry of Signatories
in New Hampshire

313 Signatories

Saul Abrams
Rochester, 3867
Albert Abramson
Manchester, 03103
Mark Robert Acciard
Atkinson, 3811
Production mgr., own a commercial cleaning business, 4 kids, aged 14,8,6,2 years old
Christopher P Agan
Manchester, 03109-5549
Libertarian, Naturist New Hampshir
Jane Aitken
Bedford, 03110
Taught in public schools for 33 years. Currently a computer consultant, political activist, talk show contributor on NH Taxpayer Radio 90.7 FM WLMW and streaming on the web at
Russ Albert
Rochester, 3839
Dana Albrecht
Nashua, 03060-5224
Libertarian Party Candidate, California State Assembly, District 2
Tom Alciere
Nashua, 03060-3231
Former State Representative for Hillsborough County Dist. 29
Bill & Darlene Alleman
Weare, 03281
Marybeth Allen
Epping, 03042-2507
Mother of three
Wayne Robert Anderson
Concord, 03301
William Asbell
Dover, 3820
Educator, entrepreneur, Maronite Catholic, 2 daughters 5,6
Susan Ashman
Keene, 03431-3239
Student, Feminist, Activis
Karen Avery-Baclgalupo
Hampton Falls, 03844-2103
John & Rosalie Babiarz
Grafton, 3240
Computer consultant, open learning advocat
Matthew Ballin
Durham, 03824-3029
Ethan C Banks
Northfield, 3276
Evangelical Christian. Computer network professional. State government employee. Music afficianado. Happily married, 2 kids (in private Christian school)
Kathleen Hughes Barclay
Pembroke, 3275
John Barger
Webster, 3303
Ronald E Barnes
Rochester, 03867
interest is saving the republic and taking power away from courts and judges, Musician and ex pipe fitter NUC PNSY.
Thomas Bates
Center Harbor, 03226-0359
Instructor, private boarding school
Jen Beach
No. Conway, 3860
David Bean
Keene, 3431
Amy Lee Beaudet
Manchester, 03102
Naomi Beck
Whitefield, 03598-0142
Daniel Belforti
Portsmouth, 03801-3556
Investment Manager
Jon Bender
Suncook, 03275
Tammy Blackwell
Winchester, 3470
Homeschooling family
David Blake
Woodsville, 03785
Kenneth E Blevens
Bow, 03304-3414
Dale F Bloemen
Nashua, 03062-1101
Amanda Boerner
Merrimack, 3054
Amy & Katherine C Bollenbach
Hudson, 03051-1082
Amy is a Homemaker/Homeschooler & Katherine is a student at NHCTC-Nashua
Maurice Bourque
Belmont, 03220-1174
Lawrence Braden
Concord, 33021
Mathematics/education consultant;Episcopalean;graduated from Berkeley and Harvard
Charles Brew
Manchester, 03104-4821
David D Brown
Lee, 03824-6518
Proud father, Libertarian Party Member, Service Rep for Taylor of New England, Oyster River School District School Board Member
Edward Brown
West Lebanon, 03784-1635
Jason Douglas Brown
Nashua, 3064
Paul Brown
Raymond, O3077
Robert, Tatyana Brown
Allenstown, 03275
We are a married couple of over six years with no children of our own yet. We both have college degrees, mine in education and my wife's in business economics.
Susan C Brown
New London, 3257
Orthodox Christian, Libertarian, Homeschooling mom of
Dave Buhlman
Hudson, 03051-0541
Paul Burke
Rochester, 03867-2428
Paul S Burke
Rochester, 03867-2428
Beth Burnham
North Conway, 03860-5177
Former elementary school teacher, parent, unschoole
Carole L Callahan
Kingston, 3848
Dental Consultant
Robert Camp
Nashua, 3060
Terry & Joyce Camp
West Lebanon,
Homeschooler, self-employed, histor
William Campbell
Winchester, 03470
Garrett Caputo
Bristol, 3222
Rich Chiodo
New Boston, 3070
Mamoon Chowdry
Salem, 3079
Brian & Diane Christeson
Berlin, 3570
Parents; businessman, homemaker; libertarian
Lois B Clark
Concord, 03301-6128
Richard Clark
Lebanon, 3766
Philip & Cathy Cobbin
Canaan, 03741-9308
Sam Cohen
Concord, 03301-4809
Retired software entrepeneur; active in pro-self-defense, pro-gun-rights movemen
George A Collins
Kensington, 03833-5501
Donna Comeau
Troy, 03465-2236
Homemaker, volunteer emergency medical technicia
Daniel A. & Jessica Connell
Richmond, 3470
College Students
Daniel F Connell
Richmond, 3470
Self Employed, homeschool parents, Catholi
Jenny Connor-Belcourt
Contoocook, 03229-0005
Homeschooling 4 children
Kelli Ann Copeland
Keene, 3431
Anneliese M Crosby
Manchester, 03104
James & Linda Cullinane
Rye, 03870-2013
Concerned Parents
Gene Danforth
Danbury, 3230
Lloyd R Danforth
Keene, 03431
Lloyd Danforth
Keene, 03431
Howard F Darms
Manchester, 03102-5126
Jim Davies
Newbury, 03255-6004
Businessman & Writer
Amy Day
Exeter, 3833
Koen J de Groot
Amsterdam, 1016 PJ
Darlene Demos
Bow, 3304
Music Teacher, 3, Catholic, composin
Anne M DePham
Franconia, 03580-0185
Mike & Carol Deveno
Franlin, 3235
Don Diamant
Milton, 3851
Engineer, 3, Catholic, OHRV (jeeping
Kat Dillon
Keene, 3431
Members of the Free State Project are working to end government control of education in New Hampshire.
Kira Dillon
Keene, 03431
William R DiScipio
Sandown, 03873-2434
Gene Donohue
Marlborough, 03455-0162
Ends don't justify means.
Danielle Donovan
Goffstown, 03045-2653
Chair, Libertarian Party of N
Brad Dorsey
Hopkinton, 03229-2018
Paul Doucet
Mason, 03048-4207
Eugenia Doucett
Exeter, 03833-0128
Paul J Doucett
Barrington, 03825-2825
Richard Driscoll
Plaistow, 03865-0896
Attorney and Newspaper Publisher
Michelle Dumas
Somersworth, 3878
Self-employed, concerned mothe
Travis L Eaton
Fitzwilliam, 03447
Megan Ebba
Barrington, 3825
Paul T Edgar
Somersworth, 03878-1527
Timothy Edgar
Littleton, 3561
Waldorf teacher
Allison Edney
Littleton, 3561
Family of four, homeschoolers, nonrelgiou
Mrs. Miquel Eldridge
Epping, 03042-3213
Librairian, mother of
Robert & Emma John Elliott
Pittsfield, 03263
Robert Elwell
Plaistow, 03865-2111
Technician, Husband, Dad, Grampy, lover of our former libertie
Leonard Epstein
Derry, 03038-1803
Mike B Fisher
Newmarket, 3857
Chair and Co-Founder of the Liberty Scholarship Fund in New Hampshire. Founder of Computer Troubleshooters of the Western Great Bay in Newmarket, New Hampshire
Andrea Fithian
Somersworth, 3878
Homeschool Mother, with a Human Services Degre
Christopher Fitzgerald
Rochester, 03867-2208
Barbara Flood
Dublin, 3431
Craig T Fogg
Portsmouth, 03801
William Fortune
Lee, 3824
Norman Frost
Piermont, 3779
Divorced father of 3 with some religous background. Presently works at handling electronic documents for preflight division of a large printer.
Jeremy R Furbish
West Lebanon, 03784-1411
Michael Gagnon
Windham, 3087
Don & Linda Galloway
Hooksett, 03106-1828
Don is retired & Linda is a Graphic Artist
Allan & Lois Gardner
Etna, 03750-3502
Dr Douglas Gerwin
Founder & Director Waldorf High School Teacher Training Program, Antioch Colleg
Katherine Getchell
Londonderry, 3053
School-reform advocate, homeschool-supporte
Dianne & Paul Gilbert
Epping, 3042
Engineering Project Mgr., Christian-Chairman NH Center for Constitutional Studie
Sean A Glazier
Stratham, 03885
Denis M Goddard
Concord, 03301
Software Engineer, Husband, Father of 1 child (so far!)
Warren Goddard
Portsmouth, 3801
Retired prolife Catholic 11 grandchildren home schooled.
Robert Goossens
Salem, 03079-2825
Don Gorman
Deerfield, 03037-0094
Contender for 2000 Libertarian Presidential nomintion
Tracey Graffam
Troy, 03465-0072
Unschooler-Because learning doesn't start in school or end at 3:00
Charles Gravenhorst
Concord, 03302-1621
Pastor-Ministry of the Upward Look
Christian & Jamie Green
Francestown, 03043
Gary Greenspan
Manchester, 03104-2826
Computer Programmer
Daniel Groves
Nashua, 03063-1927
Rep. Barbara J Hagan
Manchester, 03102
Fred K Hall
Plaistow, 3865
Kelly Halldorson
Dover, 03820
32 year old mother of three, freelance photographer, graphic artist & writer
Paul Hallock
Merrimack, 3054
Anthony R Harp
Berlin, 03570-2060
H Bruce Hartgers
Newmarket, NoSnail
Sailor, Pilot, Navigator, Engineer, Architect, Builder. Born free, determined to stay that way.
Herman Hartgers
Newmarket, 3857
Christopher R Hartzell
Claremont, 3743
Independant Fundamental Baptist (Bow Baptist Church) Conservative Republican
Oliver Hellwig
Hudson, 3051
Samuel Hill
Weare, 03281-5109
Philip Hodson
Bedford, 03110
Cindy L Houghton
Gilmanton, 03837
Shawn R Howard
Plymouth, 03264
Laura I Hubacz
Dunbarton, 03046
Arthur Janell
Raymond, 03077-0746
Engineering Assistant
John Jascob
Durham, 03824-0289
Former hs Latin teacher
Richard Johnson
Derry, 03038-5311
Richard Johnson
Derry, 3038
Robert W Judge
Pittsburgh, 3592
Richard B. & Sherry Kahn
Hudson, 03051-3112
Kahn Associates & Nurse Practitioner
Russell M Kanning
Keene, 03431
Howard Katz
Brookline, 03033-0007
Kenneth & Irene M Keating
Marlborough, 03455-0476
Retired politics; interest in public schools
George & Rhonda Keiper
Amherst, 03031-1806
Office Manager of Kadflx, Inc
Bradley and Margot Keyes
Epsom, 03234
John Kimball
Bethlehem, 03574-0802
Stephen R Kosnac
Wolfeboro, 3894
Adrian Latinak
Amherst, 3031
Abbey Lawrence
Center Tuftonboro, 03816-0097
Homeschooling mother of six
Tony & Alicia Lekas
Hudson, 03051-3501
James J Leslie
Somersworth, 03878-2640
Robert P Lidral
Nashua, 03062-2767
Dawn Lincoln
Winchester, 03470
Timothy A Logsdon
Somersworth, 03878
Father of 3, Mechanical Engineering student, Conservative/Libertarian Republican, gunsmith, target shooter
Miriam Luce
Windham, 03087-1118
Recovering bureaucrat (ex-liquor commissioner)
Korac MacArthur
Dover, 03820-2854
Software Engineer
Robert Machulis
Dover, 03820-4636
Jim Madden
Derry, 3038
John Makens
Bradford, 03221-3305
Roger & Rebecca Marion
Rochester, 03867-2618
Mother of 1 & Steel Worker
Joan Marron
Manchester, 3102
Elizabeth Martin
Grafton, 03240-9714
Liza I Martone
Nashua, 03062
I am a SAHM who is planning to homeschool so that my children can attain the best education possible through learning to learn and learning to love learning.
James Maynard
Keene, 03431-3434
Lyle McBride
Newport, 03773-2603
Michelle M McCarthy
Nashua, 03060
Full time homeschooling mom of two...
Jim McClarin
, 3253
Assitant Editor of Derry News
James McCloskey
Manchester, 03102-7168
Tompkins County Conservative Party Chairman
Pat McCotter
Concord, 03301
Gary McGath
Hooksett, 03106-1534
Daniel McGuire
Manchester, 03105
Please joing the Republican Liberty Caucus at
Rrose McMullen
Manchester, 3103
D. Scott & Kathy Ann Meadows
Exeter, 03833-1505
Pastor, Calvary Baptist Churc
John J Meehan
Moultonboro, 3254
Peter L Mehegan
Pembroke, 03275-1304
Public school French teacher, father and homeschooler of
Karen J Michaelson
Center Harbor, 03226-7714
Sam Milano
Hampton, 03842-3603
Purchasing Agent, father of
Patricia A Miles
Boscawen, 03303-1312
Judith V Millet
Salem, 03079-2335
Alan D Milner
Exeter, 03833
Retail sales. Part-time actor.
David L Mincin
Dover, 03821
Freedom fighter in NH!
Tom Monteleone
Grantham, 3753
Michelle Montgomery
Nashua, 3060
Stay-at-home, christian homeschooling mom of 2
Gaston J.F. Morin
Manchester, 03102-3545
Alexander Muller
Manchester, 3104
Robert Multer
Rindge, 3401
John & Diane Myles
Rye, 03870-0570
Carolyn Nadeau
Berlin, 03570
Denis Nadeau
Berlin, 03570
Susan M Newell
Winchester, 03470-2205
Cliff Normand
Goffstown, 03045-2120
Dallas & Maria Notter
Tilton, 3276
Colleen Domi O'Brien
Manchester, 3102
Druid Priestess; Dean for Druidic Association of North America
Richard Otte
Epping, 03042-3101
Land Surveyor
Michelle Otterson
Keene, 03431-4135
Janice Oxton
Milton Mills, 3852
Bettina M Painten
Raymond, 3077
Barbara Paquin
Keene, 03431-2643
Homeschooling mother of 3
Michael Pelletier
Merrimack, 03054-3040
Jewish, Computer Systems Admi
Anthony Perry
Manchester, 3102
Jim "JP" Christian Perry
Peterborough, 03458
Johnny A Perry
Alton, 03809
Brian D Peterman
Nashua, 03062
Homeschooler, 1 college graduate, 1 graduates this year, another runs a business, more younger.
Connie Phelps
Stratham, 3885
Sandra C Pierre
Nashua, 03062
Paul Pilgrim
Durham, 03824-2933
Lynn Pina
Warner, 03278-0134
Christine Pollina
Windham, 03087-1232
Computer consultant, homeschool advocat
Calvin Pratt
Goffstown, 3045
Free State Project immigrant to New Hampshire
Robert Pratt
Lyman, 3585
Douglas Prinn
Nashua, 3064
Mark & Holly Provost
Manchester, 3104
Self employed, home schoolers, independent thinker
Katherine Prudhomme-O'Brien
Derry, 3038
Homeschooling mom of two
Marie Rabideau
Plaistow, 03865-2609
New Hampshire State Representative
John Rajaniemi
Dublin, 3444
George Reich
Barrington, 3825
R Christopher Richards
Manchester, 03104
John W Roche
Wilton, 03086-5120
Edward Rogers
Greenville, 3048
Lori Roth
Peterborough, 03458
Christian, Web Designer, Libertarian
Wendel Scott Roth
Peterborough, 03458
F Ward Rowley
New London, 03257-1015
Ronald N Roy
Berlin, 03570-2443
Ronald Roy
Berlin, 3570
Louis M Rozek
Berlin, 3570
Valerie Rudolph
Sanbornville, 03872-0400
Gary Rutherford
Littleton, 03561-5310
Deanne & Shirley Sanville
Acworth, 3601
Caroline T Schaffer
West lebanon, 03784-1938
Otto Scott
Somersworth, 03878-1525
Editor, Otto Scott's Compass; Christian autor of ten book
Peter D Scripture
Canterbury, 03224-2109
Richard H Senecal
Amherst, 3031
Walter Service
Warner, 3278
Father, Christian, Constitutionalist, sleep tech
Jack Shimek
Amherst, 03031
Roy Shoults, Sr
Manchester, 03104-5166
Retired Social Worker//
Thomas Simmons
Westmoreland, 03467-0060
Thomas R Simmons
Westmoreland, 03467
Diane Sisson
Manchester, 03104-4821
Social Worker CFS
Don & Barbara Sisson
Epping, 03042-2344
Grandparents of 6 & advocates for less government
Wayne Slaughter
Amherst, 03031-2920
Scot H Smith
Suncook, 03275-1305
Dimitri Sokolenko
Center Ossipee, 03814-0918
Robert Spencer
Manchester, 03108-5284
Marketing Director of Sophia Institute Press, Homeschool edito
Paul Spidle
Epping, 03042-1704
Manager Camp America, Compaq Compute
Dan Stafford
Canaan, 03741-9751
Law student, Episcopalian, Libertarian & Federalist Societ
Guy Staveley
Rye, 03870-2546
William Stein
Danville, 3819
Morgan K Stevens
Hampton, 03842
Garry Stewart
Bow, 3304
Brian Stinson
Exeter, 03833-6406
United Airlines Pilot with a working wife and two young (preschool aged) children
Deborah Strodel
Dover, 3820
Don Sucher
Peterborough, 3458
Patricia A Sutliffe
Epping, 03042
Thomas A Sutliffe
Epping, 03042
Robert Sutton
Hanover, 03755-4022
Student, Young Capitalis
David Swanson
Nashua, 3063
Varrin & Edi Swearingen
Keene, 3431
Airline Pilot and Bookkeeper
Paul F Swope
Derry, 03038-2114
Pro-life Fundraising
Julie Thibodeau
Hillsboro, 03244-5412
Jack Thorsen
Portsmouth, 03801
CEO, Technology Company
Ronald G Turgeon
Concord, 03302-0014
Marc Urguess
Portsmouth, 3820
IT Director, Christian, wife and 1 child, interested in protecting children from mental abuse sanctioned by government run/negligent school
Shelly Uscinski
Merrimack, 03054-3274
Former School Board Member
Stephen Varone
Walpole, 3608
Business Administrator - NH Public School District
Kathleen Vincent
Nashua, 03060-4356
Homeschooler, private school teacher, private school founder and principal, parent, grandparent, educator, candidate for NH State Rep, Christian Coalition chapter chairwoma
James Vogt
Concord, 03301-2859
Elliott Wade
, 3561
Richard Waite
Winchester, 03470-2518
Tom & Maggie Wakefield
Candia, 03034-2724
Homeschooling 2 children
Jim Wallace
Derry, 03038-3705
Rus Walton
Betsy J Ward
Exeter, 03833-2018
Ed Ware
Weare, 3281
Paula J Werme
, 3264
Child abuse and negelect defense attorney
Ned White
Milton, 3851
Roland & Anneliese White
Manchester, 03102-4757
Scott T Whiteman
Suncook, 03275-3805
Lisa M Wilber
Weare, 03281-5030
Katherine Wilder
Derry, 3038
Homeschool my 2 kids, no religious affiliation, I enjoy music and thinking about stuf
Howard Wilson
Andover, 03216-0091
David C Winslow
Webster, 03303-7731
Hartley Wormhood
Rye, 03870-2314
Peter Wrisley
Hollis, 03049-5928
Gregory J Yarmesch
Rye, 03870-2411
MA Michigan State, American Histor
Anthony Yeskis
Bridgewater, 3222
Bill Zebuhr
Nashua, 03062-2204
Erich Zimmermann
Manchester, 03101-2105