Alliance for the Separation of School?&?State
1071 N. Fulton St.
Fresno, CA 93728


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Registry of Signatories
in Nevada

289 Signatories

Charles Acree
Las Vegas, 89129
Kimberly Acree
Las Vegas, 89129
Military family of four, business owners,with stay-at-home mother. Also, deprogrammers of indoctrination and giant party poopers for social engineer
Cathryn Adams
North Las Vegas, 89030
Homemaker, 5 children, LD
David N. Adams
North Las Vegas, 89030
Nicholas Aguilera
Reno, 89502-3713
Ken Ainsworth
Sparks, 89431-5172
Ben Alexander
Reno, 89503
Alejandro E Alvarez
Las Vegas, 89129
Diane Ashe
Dayton, 89403
Chris Azzano
N Las Vegas,
Donna Bailey
Sandy Valley, 89019
Jamie Barile
North Las Vegas, 89031
I want to raise my son with Biblical values, knowing and honering The LORD, and Jesus Christ His only begotten Son
Kenneth Barrett
Las Vegas, 89121
Kenneth L Bauer
Reno, 89510-0814
Father of 3, Grandfather of
Roger Baum
Las Vegas, 89117
Author, Children's books, Best Selle
Stephanie Beadle
Henderson, 89014
Michael Norman Beede
Henderson, 89016
James & Sylvia Beene
Las Vegas, 89123
Branch manager of a international paint company and owner of a small business. Also work part time in the only Vitamin Factory Tour in the United States.
Walter Bellotto
Las Vegas, 89120
Aaron Bennett
Las Vegas, 89101
Laura & Richard Billman
Pahrump, 89041-4245
Alvin Bivings
Pahrump, 89048
Vince Bogdan
Pahrump, 89048
During the """"Cold War"""" visited family in Communist Romania---appalled at tyranny! As a long-time member of the John Birch Society, fighting to protectct our precious U.S. Constitution from attacks by the ACLU, and other terrorists! >Retired cop
Guido Bologna
Henderson, 89052-6502
James Bowers
Walker Lake, 89415
Anthony S Brooks
Fallon, 89406
Jan Brown
Fallon, 89407-0063
Mother of 3
Trevor Browning
Henderson, 89014
Andrew Joseph Brownson
Las Vegas, 89147
Doug Brozyna
Reno, 89502-4939
Beth A Bunch
Carson City, 89705
Walter Burnette
Las Vegas, 89123-6460
David Burt
Las Vegas, 89120-1180
Web Programmer -
Carl Bussjaeger
Reno, 89503
Writer, jack of all trade
Fran A Butler
Reno, 89503-1410
Jill Butler
Carson City, 89706
Christian, stay at home mom of
Walter & Melody Callahan
Las Vegas, 89122
I'm a Business Technology Manager, we have two adult children, we are non-denominational Christians
Bruce Carr
Henderson, 89014-7815
Attorney - Tax problem Consultant

Bruce Carr
Las Vegas, 89119-5245
Esther Caruso
Las Vegas,
Development Director of THe Women's Resource Medical Center
Susan Caruso-Vaughan
Teacher of English/Reading
Leon Catlett
Las Vegas, 89124
Hello, I am a husband and the father of 4. I am the chairman of a Nevada state rights group and also I am currently running for Nevada state senate dist#12 in part becouse of this very issue
Kress Cave
Carson City, 89703-4127
CPA, interested in politics but not active--I just vot
John Chapman
Incline Village, 89451-9451
Lynn P Chapman
Sparks, 89434-1548
K.A. Coubrough
Sparks, 89431-3538
Morris Courtney
Las Vegas, 89121
Juanita Cox
Sparks, 89435-1450
Citizen Lobbyist
Bradley Daane
Reno, 89509
Kevin Daly
Las Vegas, 89108
Home Schoolers
T. W. Danielson
Reno, 89433
Ross Dauterive
Las Vegas, 89123
Self employed
Dale Davis
Sparks, 89436-3616
John H Detar
Reno, 89509-6308
Medical Doctor
Cecil Donaho
Mesquite, 89027-4158
Salvatore J Donnici
Kansas City, 64133
Gwen Doty
Sandy Valley, 89019
Gary Drake
Carson City, 89704-9730
Donald K Duncan
Reno, 89510
Robert Elliott
Las Vegas, 89108
Grandfather of eight, roller skater, atheis
Bruce Endsley
Carson City, 89702
Bud Evans
Reno, 89523
Fred Fannon
Las Vegas, 89115-5458
Cabinet Maker, 3, A/G, Building furnitur
John Fehsenfeld
Las Vegas, 89114-5567
Edward & Rosalie L Field
Sparks, 89436-8880
Parents of 4, Grandparents of
William A Fisher
Las Vegas, 89149
I am a retired teacher/librarian/ univ. professor, who has four graduate degrees, including an EdD in public finace. In 30 years, I taught from K - graduate school.
Fred Fitts
Reno, 89503-1752
Zenia Y Freeman
Las Vegas, 89156
Derreth & Berry Garcia
Las Vegas, 89106
Steve Gardner
Bryan and Darlene Gaston
Sparks, 89436
We are a Christian faith family that started homeschooling last year.
Chuck Geshlider
Pahrump, 89048
Owner Gold Standard Press
Richard & Abby Geyer
Las Vegas, 89128-7159
Trebor Lauri Gibson
Henderson, 89014
Francis & Ruth Gillings
Sparks, 89431-1943
Assistant Principal
Steven R Glaspey
Las Vegas, 89109-6594
I will be a graduate student at a (private) university this fall.
Shawn Glines
las vegas, 89136
James Gordon
Sparks, 89432-3207
Dan Govatos
Spring Creek, 89815
Dennis Grover
Reno, 89502-4359
Author of ""Knowledge=Freedom"
Angela Hagan
Boulder City, 89005
I am a homemaker. We have a family of 5, the oldest son being 22 with the youngest 17 months. We are born again christians. We are interested in a wide variety of things from physical fitness, camping, travel, cooking, too many things to mentio
Tim Hagan
Henderson, 89014-5067
Renee Hancock
Henderson, 89015
Daniel M Hansen
Independent American
Janine Hansen
Sparks, 89432-0656
Wife, Mother, Grandmother, and former homeschooler. State President, Nevada Eagle Forum; Western States Chairman of Constitution Part
Shad & Mindy Hardy
Mesquite, 89024
Charles & Susan Harrison
Fallon, 89406
Published Author, and welder, married with 5 children, we are members of the Christian Life Center, T-ball coaching and volunteering with local childrens program
Kerry Hartung
Fernley, 89408-1011
James K Hastings
Las Vegas, 89109
George Heiselmann
North Las Vegas, 89032
Carolyn Henneman
Sparks, 89431-0833
Mother of 4
Elissa Henry
Las Vegas, 89110-5349
Christian Unschooling mom
Miriam Hill
Las Vegas, 89032
I am a school teacher, my husband works for the state, we have three children, two foster children in our home. We are Christian(Baptist
Michael & Geraldine Hinshaw
Dayton, 89403
Darryl Hoenshell
Reno, 89512
Michael & Amy Houskeeper
Spring Creek, 89815
Francis & Jane Hueman
Reno, 89509
Thomas Hurst
Las Vegas, 89193
University Lecturer; Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate 2006
Jodie Ingraham
Las Vegas, 89102
I am 23 years old and I do not work. I have two young sons, 2 and 4, and believe my place is at home raising and educating them
Rebecca Iocca
Las Vegas, 89193
Casino dealer, Libertarian, politics, Austrian economics, history and track and field. Hobbies-writing, geology, prospecting and travelling.
Vincent J Iori
Las Vegas, 89117-1819
Information Technology Consultant
Pat R Irwin
Reno, 89512-1660
25 years public school elem teacher
Ed & Paula Iverson
Fallon, 89406
Board Chairman, Logos Christian Academy; Classical and Christian. Now recruting teachers
Cassandra Jackson
Dayton, 89403
David & Kathy Jamison
Las Vegas, 89129-8205
Clay/Wilkin Opportunity Council Board Member; former school bus driver & teacher's aide
Jody Jarvis
Gardnerville, 89410-8444
Homeschooling SAHM of 2 boys, one with special needs, Christia
Candace Jeralds
Las Vegas, 89130
Penn Jillette
Las Vegas, 89118
Comedian/""Penn"" of Penn and Telle
Oscar A Jimenez
Las Vegas, 89108
Jan K Johnson
Las Vegas, 89123
O Q Chris Johnson
Elko, 89801
Concerned grandparent
Sonia L Johnson
Gardnerville, 89410
Mike Jones
Henderson, 81014
Musician/""Teller"" of Penn and Telle
Robert Jones
Las Vegas, 89133-6148
Christian, Real Estate Broke
Dede Jordan
Las Vegas, 89104
Information Technology
Daniel Joseph
Reno, 89502
Edward P. Jucevic
Las Vegas, 89515
Conuslting Mining Engineer
Edwin B Kaehler
Las Vegas, 89120-3108
Martin Kamps
Spring Creek, 89815-5913
Jeff & Joy Kendall
Las Vegas, 89121-2965
Parents of 7, LDS, PTA Pre
Liz Kerby
Pahrump, 8904-1790
Parent, enterpreneu
Julie Ketter
Gardnerville, 89460
SAH/HS mom of 3, non-denominational Christian
Cielja Kieft
Las Vegas, 89146
Empathic Awareness Trainer, Angel Valley Schoo
Raymond Kilmer
Las Vegas, 89131
I am a 32 year old owner of my own personal trainng business. A father of 3 and married for 12 years. I have no belief in religion.
Julia Kleinfeld
Henderson, 89014
Mary Knobeloch
Las Vegas, 89134
Connie & Bob & Daniel Knoll
Fernley, 89408
We are a physician, a firefighter and a homeschooled student. We are Americans through and through, with attitudes and beliefs consistent with those of the founders of this country
Howard Knudsen
Dayton, 89403-9310
Bambi Koch
Las Vegas, 89123-4128
Married; five children, four in public school; Latter-day Sain
Edward Kole
Henderson, 89015
Retired, widower, grandfather, author, constitutional issues, scriptwrite
Ray & Karen Kornfeld
Las Vegas, 89131
Christopher Kristian
Dayton, 89403
Religion: Atheist; Hobbies/Interests: Computer Programming, Video Game Desig
Rebecca Laffoon
Pahrump, 89060
Grandma to 2-1/2 and I wouldn't want any of them in a California school. I'm glad we moved.
Cheryl Lau
Las Vegas, 89141
Writer/photographer, mother of 1. Concerned citizen
Mitchel Lau
Reno, 89511
Richard Laws
Pahrump, 89060
DeLee Lee
Reno, 89511-9039
James Lee
Pahrump, 89048
Roger LeGare
Verdi, 89439-1337
Scott LeGear
Boulder City, 89005
William R Lenhard
Reno, 89503
Tom Scott Limov
Las Vegas,
Tim & Stephanie Low
Christian Homeschooling family, Self-employed, blended famil
Nichole Lyman
Dayton, 89403
Steven MacArthur
Ely, 89301
Spencer MacCallum
Tempah, 89049
Kelly Madley
Stateline, 89449
Single parent homeschooling one 11 year old wonderful son!
James Marjie
Sandy Valley, 89019
Talina Martz
Las Vegas, 89108
I am a full time pagan mom and homeschooler with 3 children
Dan May
Las Vegas, 89104-4338
Sharlyn Mayeda
Reno, 89503
Dana & Kelsie Mayfield
Las Vegas, 89149-5134
We are a Christian family of five
Don McKee
Sparks, 89434-8673
Rachel Merrill
Las Vegas, 89108
Harold Metzger
Las Vegas, 89104
Thomas & Renate Meyer
Pahrump, 89060
Homemaker with four children
Paris Mickle
Las vegas, 89110
George Moe
Las Vegas, 89107
John Morgensen
Reno, 89502
Zane Mortimer
Las Vegas, 85102
Central Trade Organization
Jon Moser
Las Vegas, 89101-1704
former public school psychologist
Wayne & Nicole Moss
N Las Vegas, 89031
We are a christian homeschooling family of 6.
Joseph (Yehosef) Mottola
Las Vegas, 89101-1704
Retired military & Student
Ray Muller
Reno, 89501
D Dowd Muska
Reno, 89511-1288
Charles Myers
Reno, 89509-7400
Historian of US National Debt
Paul, Jean, and Ernest Negrin
Las Vegas, 89144
Ever since the 1970's, the majority of the rise in educational spending has gone towards special education. School districts have a fiscal incentive to put more kids in IEPs than is necessary. I was needlessly put in special education just because I was b
Michael Nelson
Las Vegas, 89131-4620
Fire Captain, Atheist, Family of
Jonathan Nethery
Las Vegas, 89121
Daniel P Nightingale
Reno, 89511-1419
Perry Nixdorf
Carson City, 89703-2101
Jeffrey Noland
Spring Creek, 89815
Lana Noland
Spring Creek, 89815
Retired educator. There are 3 in our family. Catholic.
Norm & Mary Novello
Reno, 89509-0669
Retired textbook salesman; author, For all the Wrong Reasons: The Story behind Government Schools; Exex. Director, Center for Education Innovatio
Peter & Dina O'Brien
Las Vegas, 89103
Chris & Amy Obringer
Fallon, 89407
Eugene Oliver
Las Vegas, 89146-6729
Christopher F. Paige
Reno, 89510-0780
Car rental insurance
Scott Paine
Elko, 89802
Home-schooling family of 5 (wife is President of local home schooler support org.)
Randall & Carrie Parris-Bonebrake
Las Vegas, 89128
Mortgage Broker, Son age 2, daughter age 6 months; LDS ; My family loves winter sports; We love to teach children to ski
Kimberlie, Stephen, Michael, Kevin, Rio, Cat Patraw
Las vEgas, 89119
Mariah Peevers
Spring Creek, 89815
David J Phillips
Sparks, 89436-7536
Michael Pitzel
Las Vegas, 89146
Mathematician - member of MENSA - enrepreneur - disappointed citizen
Reginald K Profant
Las Vegas, 89134
Sheldon Rabin
Las Vegas, 89135
Ryan & Rob Reddick
Pahrump, 89061-8580
Father & son are objectivists
Suzan Reed
North Las Vegas, 89032
Suzan & Steve Reed
North Las Vegas, 89032
We are a homeschooling family since our 1st child's second week of K. We are fairly conservative Christians. We generally use Charlotte Mason type hs methods.
Debra Ricketts
Henderson, 89015-8418
Libertarian homeschooling gunowner
Torry Ricketts
Henderson, 89015-8418
Retired Homeschooling - rep
Brandon Robison
Las Vegas, 89108
President of the UNLV College Libertarians
Brandon Robison
Las Vegas, 89108
Full time student; I run the UNLV College Libertarians
Penny Rodgers
Las Vegas, 89141
Lewis Roesberry
Las Vegas, 89103-4604
Vice Chairman-Libertarian Party of Nevada, Self-Employe
Gwen Rogers
Jeffrey Rosenblatt
Las Vegas, 89128
Rick Roskelley
Las Vegas, 89110-2924
Camille A Russo
Las Vegas, 89122
Chris M Sarda
Las Vegas, 89129
Karen Savage
Incline Village, 89451-9308
Terry C Savage
Incline Village, 89451-9604
Patricia A. Saye
Las Vegas, 89119-1812
Aaron Schamacher
Reno, 89506-9135
Alvin Scheinerman
Reno, 89512-1723
Irwin Schiff
Las Vegas, 89104-2728
Author, ""The Federal Mafia"
Frank & Robin Schnorbus
Minden, 89423
David Schumann
Reno, 89509-4634
Treasurer, Californians for Educational Freedo
Paul Scott
N Las Vegas, 89031
Jerry Searcy
Las Vegas, 89117
Single & retired
John Short
Las Vegas, 89123
Just want good education. Normal Family with two kids, not paticulary religious. No affiliations or agendas
Joseph P. Silvestri
Las Vegas, 89129
Chairman - Libertarian Party of Clark County (Las Vegas NV)
Chester L. Simpson
Henderson, 89015
Michael Simpson
Las Vegas, 89147
Sales, married with no kids
Joseph Smaltz
Genoa, 89411
Retired from Heavy industry, Registered Libertaria
Bob & Peg Smiley
Logandale, 89021-0542
Hal Smith
Las Vegas, 89130
Rebecca Smith
Pahrump, 89061
Instructor, curriculum coordinator and program coordinato
Rosalind Song
Las Vegas, 89107
I'm an active Scientologist living in Las Vegas, NV and I believe children should be educated, not have their minds molded and forced into an agreement with psychiatric-approved political ideas
John Stargel
Las Vegas, 89162-1938
Steve Starr
Michael Stedman
Reno, 89503
Margaret L Stringer
Las Vegas, 89121
I am a mother of 2 in public school and supplement with homeschooling. I am also a PTA board member of my children's school.
Laurie Stump
Pahrump, 89048
Eugene Sullivan
Las Vegas, 89147
James M Sundquist
Reno, 89523-2720
Father, husband, small businessma
Vin Suprynowicz
Las Vegas, 89127-1122
Las Vegas Review Journal, editorial writer & syndicated columnist
Tracy Switzer
Pahrump, 89048
Joe & Sharon Tadlock
Las Vegas, 89108
Francisco Tamez
Las Vegas, 89109-1134
Steve Thomsen
Las Vegas, 89123
Gary Toll
Pahrump, 89060
Brendan Trainor
Sparks, 89431-1430
Richard Travers
Round Mountain, 89045-1738
President RCM Company Inc., Hobby Martial Arts, 8 children, over 40 grandchildren and great grandchildre
Barbara A Tyhurst
Henderson, 89052-6900
Mark Utnehmer
Las Vegas, 89110
PHP, mySQL Programme
Adrienne Valdespino
Henderson, 89014
Steve Vogel
Fernley, 89408-1475
Member of the Utah Wooley Family, millions of family member
Christian vonSchmidt
Las Vegas, 89180
Self Employed
Richard Walkemeyer
North Las Vegas, 89030-6647
Pool repair business, married with 2 sons, born again Christian, likeds to invent thing
Anthony Walker
Pahrump, 89048
Retired Catholic, computer grafics, political party
Mark Warden
Las Vegas, 89148
Real estate sales
Stephen Weaver
Pioche, 89043
Managerial, Masters Degree, Non-denominational Christian, one child at hom
Clayton & Kelly-Jo Welch
Reno, 89503
Members of the Working Poor, Blue Collar, Two Jobs, Struggling Homeschooling Parent
Richard Wendling
Carson City, 89706
Rosa White
Reno, 89511
Stay At Home Mom/College Student
Ryan J Whitehorse
Las Vegas, 89101
I'm 21 and know how bad government schools really are. I was in public school ten years and private school for two. I wish every kid had the opportunity that I did to go to a private school and see how much better it is for them.
Bill Wilbur
Parent, grandparent, Enrolled Agen
Ed & Connie Williams
Las Vegas, 89101-1911
Operator of the uFaxu System, Registered Nurse, Parents of child attending private school with a homeshcooling approac
David Wilson
Reno, 89502
Paul Witte
Las Vegas, 89115
Barbara Wolfe
Las Vegas, 89103
Lynn Yates
Pahrump, 89048
Seventh-Day Adventist, children grown, self-employe
Nikki Yates
Las Vegas, 89139
Homemaker, Homeschool mom of four, Christia
Christine Yenchek
Las Vegas, 89130
Homeschool family
M.K. Yochum
Carson City, 89706-1324
James J. Zbella
Reno, 89523