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Registry of Signatories
in Arizona

517 Signatories

Wells Aamodt
Sierra Vista, 85635
Computer programmer, 4 Kid
Eric R Abrams
Tucson, 85737
Zachary Carl Abrams
Tucson, 85742
Joan Agundez
Clarkdale, 86324
My mother is a retired college and public school teacher, my father was a teacher and a fireman, I was a wife and mother of two children who was a cub scout leader and I am presently in college getting a degree in Fine Art and Digital Arts, I am a regist
Rob Alexander
Phoenix, 85043
Bacilio Alfaro
Phoenix, 85002
Missionary, we home schooled our children on the mission field
Patt Alfvegren
Lake Havasu City, 86406
Marjorie Alling
Tucson, 85730-1961
Eric Ames
Queen Creek, 85242-9418
Winthrop Ames
Overgaard, 85933
Beth Ancona
Phoenix, 85048
We are a homeschooling family with a 6 year old and a 3 year old. We were Southern Baptists. My husband works at Microsoft and I stay at home. I was a public school teacher for 4 years
Bethany & Joshua Andersen
Phoenix, 85032
Mother of one so far, Plan to homeschool, Active LDS, Playing the piano and other family activities
Christine Anderson
Scottsdale, 85261-4245
PT Anderson
Scottsdale, 85261-4245
Software/System Designer
Terry Anderson
Mesa, 85208
Gerald Andre
Yuma, 85364-4119
Married, military veteran, (4) children all private schooled, Christian non-denominatio
James Eric Andreasen
Tempe, 85282-4061
Eric Archer
Phoenix, 85032
Greg Arend
Flagstaff, 86004
Carol J Asher
Phoenix, 85009
Laara & Nathen Ashlie
Prescott, 86301-1556
Maria Ast
Gilbert, 85233-7957
Charles Atkins
Scottsdale, 85252
Legal Researcher/
Jason Auvenshine
Tucson, 85731-8076
Information Technology
Catherine Back
Chandler, 85224
former R.N. wife/mother of 4
Kevin Baker
Tucson, 85741
Allen Ball
David Barber
Vail, 85641
Bruce Bateman
Phoenix, 85007
John Beatty
Elaine J Behling
Tucson, 85710
I am a retired childrens librarian and a Christian.
Fred Behrmann
Mesa, 85206-2520
Self employed
Karen J Bellinfante
Tucson, 85748
Brian & Kathleen Benard
Phoenix, 85040-7323
Shawn A Bengry
Phoenix, 85044-1502
Bethel Bennett
Miami, 85539
Jon Bennett
Ricky & Rosalie Bennett
Phoenix, 85085-8839
Shanna L Bennett
Tolleson, 85353
Denise M Bensusan
Kingman, 86401
Brandi Bentley-Brown
Flagstaff, 86003
George Berger
Phoenix, 85028-4212
Sarah Beye
Scottsdale, 85254
Married, mother of 11-year old who is in private christian school in AZ
Leslie J Blaise
Phoenix, 85023
I am a married homeschooling mom of 4 boys. I will be teaching 3 of them this year as my oldest is already out of the home. I am married to a wonderful man who is an electrician by trade, we currently live in Phoenix, AZ
Howard Blitz
Yuma, 85364-7107
Teaches high school & college students the U.S. Constitution based on the philosophy of the Founding Fathers
Wayne Boettcher
Vail, 85641
Craig & Sharon L Bolton
Phoenix, 85014-5510
Attorney; mother, homemaker, responsible citize
Mary Bowen
Benson, 85602
Tired of the LIberal agenda
Paul Boyce
Sedona, 86336
Robert J. Brasil
Scottsdale, 85251-6028
Cory Brickner
Chandler, 85248-4407
Larry W Brown
Arizona City, 85223-0476
Sales and Marketing, Christian home schooler of fiv
Michael J Brown
El Mirage, 85335
Rycke Brown
Phoenix, 85072-2109
Mother, Political Activis
Samantha Bryant
Mesa, 85208
Homeschool parent
Suzette Buffins
Tempe, 85282
Christian mother with 2 jr. high, high school children at hom
Matthew Burns
Scottsdale, 85257
Jon Burroughs
Chandler, 85224-8134
Candidate, U.S. Congress, AZ CD
Philip Caddick
Phoenix, 85018-9130
Douglas Cammel
Tucson, 85747
Bruce Cannon
Phoenix, 85018
Single parent of 12-year-old boy currently attending Lutheran school. We aren't Lutherans - we're Christians - there is no Christian school available for him. I WILL NOT have him in a government-indoctrination institution.
John Cantral
Bisbee, 85603
1 Daughter still at home (being homeschooled) 5th Grade. No Denominational Affiliation
Wendy Carper
Payson, 85541
Mark Carroll
Phoenix, 85043
Sheila Carter
Phoenix, 86057-4312
Founder of TeenInsightUSA a non-profit organization helping children to realize their full potential
Andrew & Kari Casteel
Mesa, 85204
David Caster
Tucson, 85713
Retired, veteran, interested in retaining the liberties that the original Constitution granted it's citizen
Marilyn Centers
Willcox, 85644
Public school teacher,2 daughters,17 and 20, Roman Catholic, homeschool advocate, natural alternative
Scott Chance
El Mirage, 85335
Christian minister
Richard Chappell
Phoenix, 85051
Steve & Helene Charles
Phoenix, 85085
David Cheney
Glendale, 85303
David Chitwood
Sierra Vista, 85636
William E Clark
Mesa, 85204-3627
Engineer; Founding member of Benjamin Franklin Charter School, Ltd
Daniel Clarke
Phoenix, 85033
Jackie Clifton
Prescott Valley, 86314
A Christian homeschooling mother and co-op teacher, one child a senior in college and another a junior in highschoo
William Cohn
Yuma, 85365-3201
Patrick Colgan
Chandler, 85224
Leah Collatos
Ash Fork, 86320
Kelly & Philippe Colliat
Glendale, 85308
Wayne Conte
Phoenix, 85023
Sharon Cook
Mesa, 85201
I am a retired grandmother. I have two children that I regret not homeschooling.
Lisa M Cottrell-Bentley
Tucson, 85711
Russ Cox
Safford, 85546
W. Cox
Scottsdale, 85250
Thomas Craver
Chandler, 85226
Andrew Crepea
Tucson, 85737
Javier Crespo
Sierra Vista, 85635
Engineer, family of 5, Baptis
Kristopher Crowley
Rio Rico, 85648
Larry Cruz
Bible Christian
Amber Curtis
Tucson, 85742-9550
Starting 3d year HS
Jack Dale
Sun City, 85373
Retired nurse
Jack Dale
Sun City, 85373
Jeff & Dianne Daniels
Phoenix, 85029-2471
Bruce Dari
Mesa, 85208
Ruth Davis
Florence, 85232
Homeschooling 2 children:10 and 12 yrs. Love it!
Victoria Davisson
Phoenix, 85053-1723
Christian mom & wife, technical writer, background in teaching. Southern Baptist, 3 kids at hom
Arlene V. De Guzman
Glendale, 85308
Linda De Vaney
Apache Junction, 85219
William Defer
Tucson, 85750
Husband, dad (3 kids), Christian, Libertarian, founder Redemption Housing Fellowship and Inn U
Tad Denton
Tucson, 85704
34, Self-employed, Only Daughter in Private Schoo
Julie Desroches
Huachuca City, 85616
Homeschooling Mother
George Dickinson
Huachuca City, 85616
Ralf E. Dieckmann
Prescott, 86305
John & Nancy Dienes
Mesa, 85208
John: Retired Navy, currently work for Medtronic Microeclectronics Center. Nancy: Flight Attendant. Five Children, age ranges from 25 to 31
Timothy Dinkel
Tucson, 85737
Civil Engineer, 4, Lutheran, sports and current event
Michael Dixon
Tucson, 85750-1873
Angela Doggett
Tempe, 85284-1730
Thaddeus J Dombrowski
Tucson, 85702-0064
Former middle and high school teacher
David A Dorn
Scottsdale, 85259-6514
Lorrie Dorn
Former Phila. public pre-school and elem. teacher
Diane Douglas
Glendale, 85304-1147
Mother, Homemaker, Accountan
Mike Dugger
Phoenix, 85044-3210
Letter Carrier, US Postal Service; Chairman, Arizona Libertarian Part
Gary Dunn
Glendale, 85301-5748
Dennis Durband
Gilbert, 85233
Publications editor
Valerie Eastman
Peoria, 85382
Charter school parent
Fran Edmondson
Sun Lakes, 85248
Thane Eichenauer
Phoenix, 85008-4608
Internet Technology Consultant
Rick Ellis
Tucson, 85715
Elsie S Elthie
Tuba City,
Kevin Eshelman
Lake Havasu City, 86403
Former public """"fool"""" worker. Saw, first hand, the rank duplicity, situational ethics, and moral relativity, daily
Veronica Esposito
Mesa, 85204
Todd Evans
Hereford, 85615-9601
Senior Systems Administrator/Security An
Gary Fallon
Phoenix, 85024-4360
Alan Fanning
Phoenix, 85023-1361
Engineering Information Analyst, Consultant to Nuclear Power Industry, Member of Church of the Brethren and Libertarian Part
Matt & Shannon Federoff
Vail, 85641
Matt is a public school teacher at a wonderful CONSERVATIVE school district, Shannon homeschools their 6 children at home and is the leader of the local Catholic homeschooling support group Holy Family Home Educators in Tucson, AZ
Elizabeth Fedor
Tucson, 85737
Melissa Feingold
Glendale, 85306
Clarke Ferber
Phoenix, 85044-6089
David Ferguson
Adam Ferguson Institute, President; Tucson Center for Socionomic Research, Director; socionomis
Denise Ferrell
Tucson, 85737
Catholic,homeschooling since birth,single incom
Eric J Finley
Phoenix, 85053-7632
Editor, Writer and Church Treasure
Linda Fisher
St. Johns, 85936
Martin Fisher
St. Johns, 85936
Richard Fisher
Sun City,
Don Fitzsimmons
Phoenix, 85050
Student majoring in political science and minoring in philosophy at Grand Canyon University. Reformed (Calvinist) Christian.
Linda K Flower
Prescott, 86303
Tobey Flynn
Sierra Vista, 85650
Jennifer Fogus
Phoenix, 85037
student at Glendale Community College
Alex Fotu
Queen Creek, 85242
I am a 20 year old student at Mesa Community and I don't really like going to government school because of the atmosphere inherent of public institutions. I want to leave as soon as possible and start living in the country quietly. I am a member of the co
Billy G Fowler
Julia Frazier
Prescott, 86301
Paul Gammill
Phoenix, 85018
Kim Gardner
Glendale, 85305-5419
Truck driver, Republican, evangelical Christian, conservativ
Brad Garn
Mesa, 85205-5343
Dan Garrett
Mesa, 85206
Craig & Leslie George
Casa Grande, 85222
Scott German
Tempe, 85281-6443
Matthew & Deborah Gidney
Tucson, 85737
Mary Gifford
Chandler, 85225
Anne Giles
Mayer, 86333
Rebecca Gill
Tucson, 85741
College student who grew up in a family of five homeschooled kids. Prodestant
Greg & Theresa Gilliam
Peoria, 85381
Energy Engineer, Occupational Therapis
Cy & Kay Gilson
Glendale, 85308
Ted Glenn
Tucson, 85750-9751
Joseph & Elisabeth Goldmeer
Phoenix, 85016-5427
Messianic Jewish Homeschoolers; Computer systems analysts
Pat Goltz
Tucson, 85740-6508
Cofounder, Feminists for life (identification purposes only
Frank & Dianne Golubski
Phoenix, 85051
Raul Gonzalez
Tucson, 85730
Janet L Good
Prescott, 86303-3556
Amy Gordon
Phoenix, 85027
Steven Goss
Tucson, 85750-2923
Director, Arizona Scholarship Fun
John Gould
Phoenix, 85021
Home schooled for 14 yrs., 65 yrs old working full time,Christian. Bible Sch. 2 yrs
David Green
Sahuarita, 85629-9449
Michael Green
Gilbert, 85297
Robert Griffin
Douglas, 85607
Robert Silas Griffin
Douglas, 85607
I am a Social Studies Teacher in a Charter school, Historian, Historical Researcher & Re-enactor and Writer.
Marge Groce
Phoenix, 85007-3115
David Grubb
Glendale, 85301
Tony Grundon
Mary Haferkamp
Tucson, 85730
Michael Haggard
Winslow, 86047-0218
Minister, Desert View Baptist Churc
F. Peter Hahn
El Mirage, 85335
J Scott Hamilton
Gilbert, 85234-6117
Alfred Hannah
San Luis, 85349-2343
Kathy Harrer
Cathy Harris
Phoenix, 85032
Home school mother of 6; church nursery coordinator, Evangelical Bible Churc
Raymond Harris
Tucson, 85712
Tyler J Harris
Tucson, 85705
Adam D Harrop
Mesa, 85206
Brenda Hartwig
Oracle, 85623
Home Educator
L Hatzilambrou
Scottsdale, 85260-3807
Bill Haymin
Wilhoit, 86332-4017
I come from a liberal Jewish family. I am now a born again Conservative Charismatic. I am married to a dedicated Christian Proverbs 31 help meet.I am retired. I am writing for the American Chronicles on line magazine.
Elizabeth Hazelwood
Tucson, 85719
Julie Heath
Sierra Vista, 85650
Former public school teacher, now homeschool family with two children, lutheran, military famil
Dave Heatt
Pinon, 86510-9999
Glen Hein
Scottsdale, 85254
Software engineer, single male, non-religou
Vicki Heller
Chandler, 85225-1867
Homeschool Mom
Brian & Gayle Hendricks
Phoenix, 85033-1678
Lisa Hendrix
Mesa, 85205
Dayton Herron
Payson, 85541-5065
Retired, patriotic American fighting to preserve the original intent of our Constitutio
Barry J Hess
Glendale, 85312-6011
Entrep/Enterprises Empirico
Abe Heward
Phoenix, 85006
Jerald W Hicks
Phoenix, 85017-4033
Working Class, Freedom Loving, Constitution Upholding, America
Michael Higgins
Scottsdale, 85254
Computer-based curriculum developer

Douglas Hinds
Clarkdale, 86324
Jeffrey Hintz
Phoenix, 85053
Nuclear Medicine Technologist; Atheist; Member: Libertarian Party
Jean Hisaw
David Homol
Chandler, 85249-3147
Electrical Engineer/U.S. History, Politics and The Trut
Todd S Hopkinson
Mesa, 85203-2152
Hopkinson Studio: Arts, Design, Entertainment productio
Norman T Hovda
Tucson, 85718-1614
David Howard
Mesa, 85211
Devon Hubbard
Phoenix, 85023-6280
Software engineer

Theresa Huebner
Phoenix, 85018-6435
Kerrie Huisel
Phoenix, 85032
Single mother/college student
Donald Hundt
Tucson, 85710
Gary & Sharon Hutchins
Phoenix, 85021
Self-Employed, 5 adults, Christians, All Libertarians, AnarchoCapitalists, Love America, Hate Governments
Brian Jacobs
Scottsdale, 85257
Gloria Jacques
Sun City, 85351
James Jaeger
Tucson, 85711
Richard Jessop
Fredonia, 86022
Michael L Johnson
Phoenix, 85016-6813
Teri Johnson
Mesa, 85212-1650
Christian Homeschoolers
Mark Jones
Tucson, 85749
Richard Jones
Gilbert, 85234-2384
Roy C Jones
Willcox, 85644-0336
School Custodian
Lawrence Joyce
Tucson, 85733
Anne Kaelber
Queen Creek, 85242
Our family consists of college-educated parents raising one child in a rural community, with a plethora of pets! We're non-affiliated with any religious organization and tend toward political awareness
Christopher Kalabos
Tucson, 85732-6085
Christopher Kalabus
Tucson, 85732-6085
Kevin & Shannon Karvinen
Tucson, 85743
Aaron Kavlie
Glendale, 85308
Bryant Keller
Gilbert, 85296-5673
Michael Kielsky
Phoenix, 85044
Dianna Kightlinger
Tucson, 85730
Gene Kilber
Queen Creek, 85242
Technical. Only me and my wife. Wife is a teacher
Richard Klaus
Seminary student; husband of former public education teacher
Richard & Camala Klaus
Phoenix, 85053-4756
Former public educator (1991-1996) 7th-8th grade reading & language
Zak Arthur Klemmer
Tucson, 85742-8662
Husband and father
Kirez Korgan
Litchfield Pk, 85340-4435
Web master for strategy consulting firm, libertarian, Separation of School and State fa
Joseph Korkames
Phoenix, 85003
Bobbie Kost
Gilbert, 85296
Jim Kresse
Gilbert, 85297
Stuart Krone
Chandler, 85248
Information security Professional, founder of the Freedom Summi
Elinor Kyte
Kaeryn Lapsley
Waddell, 85355
I come from a family of 5 children.
Danielle Leal
Paradise Valley, 85253
Irene Lebedies
Bullhead City, 86429
Self employed
Ron LeBlanc
Tucson, 85704-1223
Johnny Lee
Cottonwood, 86326-4593
Norman L Lemire
Tempe, 85281
Randy Lenz
Dava Leon
Scottsdale, 85259-3141
Seth Levine
Prescott, 86305-2352
Tom & Colene Lewis
Gilbert, 85233-4022
State Home School Leader
Brett and Vanessa Lindskog
Tucson, 85747
Don Lockwood
Tucson, 85742
Jason Lockwood
Goodyear, 85338-8353
Programmer Analyst
Jason Lockwood
Goodyear, 85338-8353
Objectivist concerned about the state of education in the United States
Brar Lorenzen
Prescott Valley, 86314
retired, widower, adult children, Luthera
Nancy M. Louis
Scottsdale, 85251-6028
Carol Lowther
Mesa, 85210-7625
Homeschool Mom
John & Michelle Lubow
Lake Havasu City, 86406
Barbara Lynch
Tucson, 85748
Catholic, work for a major airline, also own a side-business.,..see my websit
Bill Lynch
Scottsdale, 85260
President of the Scottsdale Libertarian Alliance in Arizona, President of own software consulting firm, 15 animals (10 cats, 3 dogs, and 2 rabbits) no kids and one wif
Hon. Robert Lynch
Palominas, 85615
Retired judge, retired attorney, retired aerospace engineer/manager, retired Army office
Marcia Kay Lyons
Mesa, 85204
I'm just a mother and grandmother who is tired of the games government plays, and I'm ready to fight back, especially CPS who has my granddaughter and I'm going to bring her home.Thank you for your helpful site
http://reliable answers. com
Lisa Macdonald
Mesa, 85213
Chris Mahar
Peoria, 85345-5345
Newsletter editor, West Side Home Educator
Christopher Maloy
Tucson, 85730
Roberto Manas
Tucson, 85730-1032
Private School Teacher, School Board Membe
Bill Martin
Scottsdale, 85251-4708
Software Engineer, Libertarian since 198
James Martin
Mesa, 85212
Becky Martinovich
Phoenix, 85015
Married/6 kids/home schooling
Donna & John Masanoti
Mesa, 85208
RN Supervisor/
JoAnne M Massingill
Globe, 85501
Virginia Mate
Phoenix, 85051
I am a mother of 3 bright children, an enthusiastic school and community volunteer, and my husband and I are self-employe
Herman Matern
Ft Defiance, 86504
Bruce & Betty Mazur
Phoenix, 85032
security officer/legal assistant
John McConnell
Cave Creek, 85331
Charles, Dario, Judy, Sarah McDarby
Phoenix, 85051
Ryan McDonald
Phoenix, 85032
Scot McDougal
Phoenix, 85013-1756
Lynn McFadden
Tucson, 85739
Retired, single, No affiliatio
Bryan McKay
Tucson, 85741
Jim McKinney
Happy Jack, 86024-9710
Keith & Sarah McKinney
Mesa, 85215-1204
Private investigator
Gerald J McLamb
David McMullen
Bisbee, 85603
Missionary, Mechanic, Parent, Grandparen
Jim Messenger
Glendale, 85310
Maria Mesta
Phoenix, 85006
Renee Metcalf M Metcalf
Phoenix, 85017
William Meyer
Tucson, 85730
Michael Micelli
Mesa, 85208-7175
Libertarian that thinks education is tainted by the government
Liz Michael
Tempe, 85285
Fred Milton
Scottsdale, 85251-6028
Keith L Minnick
Tempe, 85282
Chris Modic
Glendale, 85312
Thomas E Mongan
Oro Valley, 85737
Brian & Suzanne Montee
Surprise, 85374
Rebecca Montgomery
Gilbert, 85296
Mark Moore
Tucson, 85750
Ricky Moore
Glendale, 85308
Nineteen year old atheist male of Libertarian leanings.
Damon Morris
Phoenix, 85023
Professional working in Technical Support. Married Lutheran who is home schooling his children.
Michael Morrison
Bullhead City, 86430-1872
Atheist, Libertarian, Hillbill
Robert Morrison
Bullhead City, 86426-8849
William Mosienko
Surprise, 85374
A traditional family with 2 beautiful children
Jenna Mudrick
Prescott, 86303
I am a senior in highschool, and I am interested in government and its invovlement with all aspects of life, including schools
David Mumma
Payson, 85541
Retired Military
Julie Munzer
Tempe, 85283-3263
Homeschool Educator, D.K. Family Learning Educational Consultant, domestic enginee
David E Nagoda
Tucson, 85747
Keith Nash
Payson, 85541-3735
Libertairan, disabled Viet Nam Veteran that feels government should get out of everything except what the Constitution says it can d
Daniel Neal
Tucson, 85732
Janelle Hilton Neil
Mesa, 85203
Martha J Newkirk
Phoenix, 85024-4408
Mora Nichitean
Phoenix, 85085
Amy Nichols
Peoria, 85381
Rachel & Cory Nies
Peoria, 85382
Debbie Norwitz
Scottsdale, 85254-4662
Fundraiser, operations manage
Will C Novak
Phoenix, 85254
John & Cathy O'Brien
Marana, 85653
Full-time Baptist missionary in Ukraine
William & MaryAnn O'Connor
Mesa, 85212
John O'Hair
Tucson, 85716
High School Assistant Principal (Private School)
Norma Odisio
Mesa, 85205-4502
Self employed
Patricia Oldroyd
Mesa, 85213-2369
Mary Olewinski
Scottsdale, 85253
Housewife, homeschooling mother, conservative Baptist, married with 13yr son, 11 yr old daughter who is deaf and 2 1/2 yr old son
Darcy Olsen
Phoenix, 85004
Director of Education and Child Policy, Cato Institut
Rebecca Oltman
Glendale, 85304
Jane Orient
Tucson, 85716-3450
Association of American Physicians & Surgeons
Fred Owsley
Scottsdale, 85250
Concerned citizen of America.
Warren Palmer
Sedona, 86336-6611
Ronald J Pardini
Chandler, 85226
Paul Pashia
Hereford USA, 85615
Financial consultant ; my wife and I work together Catholic
David Patterson
Tucson, 85730
Law student
Randy & Virginia Paulsen
Fountain Hls, 85268-5440
Mother, homeschooler, business owne
Rhenda Pence
Kingman, 86401
Mark P Perkins
Tucson, 85715
Shelly Perkins
Tucson, 85735
Paul Perry
Tucson, 85712
B J Peters
Phoenix, 85050-3761
Scott Pettigrew
Fort Huachuca, 85613
John R Pfeiffer
Tucson, 85705-3221
U.S.M.C. Retired
John & Agnes Pfeiffer
Tucson, 85705-3221
Retired R.N.
Rabbi Harlon & Pastor Joyce Picker
Phoenix, 85050
Rabbi and Pastor's of a Messianic Jewish Congregation
Wendy J Pierce
Tucson, 85747
Mike & Kathy Pietrantoni
Chandler, 85224
Messianic parents, grandparents & Constitutionalist
Sara Pietrantoni
Chandler, 85224
Messianic, enjoy time with my homeschooled nephew
Aaron G. Poff
Kingman, 86402
Aaron P Poslton
Saint David, 85630-6008
Elizabeth Potthast
Litchfield Park, 85340
Doris J Pounds
Wickenburg, 85358
Christianity is the only Religion being destroyed in America today, and Our Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Constitutional Republic- is now a New World Order Democracy. I am American, and I CARE!
Wendy M Powelson
Peoria, 85383
Oliver Ray Price
Scottsdale, 85258-4738
Sandra Price
Sun City, 85351
Andrew Radtke
Tucson, 85704
Donal M Ragan
Tempe, 85282-2806
Jennifer Randall
Tempe, 85281
I am a student at Arizona State University. I am a Christian.
Vicki Ratzlaff
, 86004
Self employed
Tina Rawlins
Mesa, 85202
Religion: LDS, Major: Ecommerc
Tuula Rebhahn
Flagstaff, 86004
Mike Renzulli
Mesa, 85202-2913
Lee Reynolds
Tempe, 85282-3818
College Student
Richard & Norine Rink
Paradise Valley, 85253-4070
Charles Ritchey
Phoenix, 85202
Charles & Suzanne Ritchey
Gold Canyon, 85218
Arturo & Mary Robles
Tucson, 85705
Linda Rolinski
Patagonia, 85624
Norman H Roller
Sun City West,
Mike Ross
Tempe, 85281
Atheist, Libertarian, lock picking, government hating software engineer
Misty Rottmiller
Mesa, 85213
Homemaker, family of 4, homeschoolers, Christia
Chris M Rounsefell
Mesa, 85204
Libertarian Student
Robin C. Roxas
Scottsdale, 85251-6028
Jennifer E Sandberg
Mesa, 85212
I am a SAHM with 3 children.
Michael Sanera
Tucson, 85715-5311
Asst prof of Political Science, Northern Arizona Uni
Dean & Lucille Saxton
Tucson, 85705-7432
R Evan Scharf
Scottsdale, 85250-4423
Tom Scheeler
Gilbert, 85234-4841
Database architect
Scott Scheibe
Glendale, 85301-1403
Scott Scheibe
Phoenix, 85019
Single, LD
Duane Schmidt
Fountain Hills, 85268
David Schollmeyer
Chandler, 85226-6041
Amy Schuster
Scottsdale, 85260-4221
Angus W Scott-Fleming
Tucson, 85715
Rob & Nicole Scrivo
Tempe, 85282
Civil Engineer, 3, Christia
Jerry Searcy
Scottsdale, 85260-6916
I am a 62 year old retiree. Politically I am a Libertarian. My interest is in science and space exploration. I am a member of: The Libertarian party, Planetary Society and the Las Vegas (Nevada) Astronomical Society
Lonnie Seavey
Apache Junction, 85219
Christian Pilot, Married 18 yrs two home schooled boy
Marlene Seldin
Peoria, 85382
John Semmens
Chandler, 85226
Larry & Kathleen Shaffer
Chandler, 85225-6536
Jim Sharpe
Phoenix, 85012
Talk Show Host - KTAR Radio, Phoeni
Maurice Sheldon
Gilbert, 85233-7957
Timothy F Shell
Tucson, 85715
Paula & Ben Sherick-Jimenez
Tucson, 85742
Home Teacher & Police Detective
Derek Sheriff
Scottsdale, 85251-2417
Active Duty Army
Jolyon Shipp
Mesa, 85201
T Paul Shippy
Tempe, 85282-3940
Christian homeschool graduate attending Patrick Henry College
Wayne Shippy
Tempe, 85282
Lilach Shokargi
Chandler, 85248-4407
Eric Shubert
Phoenix, 85044
Fr. Frederick Simunich
Phoenix, 85006-3453
Catholic Priest working on reform in distribution of Holy Communion
Steven G Sinclair
Tucson, 85742-4513
Philosophy teacher and assistant to Christian School superintendent; Vice President of state association of nonpublic schools
Sheri Skousen
Gilbert, 85233
Charter School Frist Grade Teacher, LDS, adversely affected by the NCLB law-interested in info to assist in repealing the non-regulatory teacher qualification section, which promotes Teachers' Union objectives only
Matthew Smith
Higley, 85236
Traditional/orthodox Roman Catholic, enginee
Timothy A Smith
Flagstaff, 86001-9010
University Professor
Toni B Smith
Pima, 85543-9790
Member LDS, homeschooling divorced Mom of 3. Interests: natural healing, freedom, self-sufficienc
Vernon Smith
Tucson, 85721-0001
Prof of Economics, Univ of Arizon
Allan & Ann Spreen
Mesa, 85215-0811
Walter Stein
Tucson, 85716-1836
Professional psychic
Linda Stephens
Tucson, 85748
Lynn Stephenson
Flagstaff, 86001
Scott Stewart
Tucson, 85710-2922
Jeff Stokes du Bose
Phoenix, 85037
Self-employed, old-guy, bible-thumper, scientis
Angela Stott
Prescott, 86305-2352
Bradley Stout
Phoenix, 85018-2937
Mother of 3
Franklin Stover
Chandler, 85225-5799
Director of Development, Valley Christian High Schoo
Tod B. Streich
Phoenix, 85014
Craig B Stritar
Tempe, 85283
Former US Army Ranger. Graduate from Arizona State University, Freedom activist, and Libertarian Candidate for US Congress (AZ CD 6)
Barbara Swartz
Phoenix, 85028-2113
Licensed Realtor, Property Manage
Cheryl Swartz
Phoenix, 85028-2113
Licensed Realtor in AZ, part-time Secretary, Conservative, Christia
Leonor Tasheiko
Chandler, 85248
Ardell L Taylor
Patagonia, 85624
Bryan and Darlene Taylor
Tucson, 85741
We are a Christian faith family that started homeschooling last year.
Roy Tehlandt
Tina Terry
Payson, 85541
Former liberal idiot who around 1983 had the constitutionalist-conservative brain-transplant. Ardent Bill of Rights supporter. Former teacher - now writer, wife, Christian, rabblerouser. See:
Alexis Thompson
Tucson, 85713-2463
Political consultant
Hal Thompson
Phoenix, 85048
Harry Thompson
Tucson, 85719
Janice Tidmarsh
Scottsdale, 85262
Married, 4 children--homeschooling two youngest--Catholi
Paul & Laurel Tisler
San Simon, 85632
We manage a red chili dehydrating plant. We raised two kids whom we homeschooled for 11 years. We are Southern Baptists. We were on the ground floor of drawing up a homeschooling bill in New Mexico in 1984. We would do it again!
John Todd
Tucson, 85736
H. Bradley Toland
Tucson, 85716-5508
Investment Counselor
Robert Tomich
Anthem, 85086
Kathy Harrer & Rick Tomkins
Glendale, 85301-8015
Rick Tompkins
Mary S Topero
Prescott Valley, 86314
Director/Educator - Family Learning Center
Regis Tremblay
Phoenix, 85018
Justin Tribble
Freelance investigator; Columbine Research Task Force (CRTF)
Calleen Troyer
Mesa, 85207
Jerry Tuccille
Flagstaff, 86004-7124
Editor, Civil Liberties; Sr. Editor,
Brian & Cathy Turner
Gilbert, 85233
Bertha Van Gelderen
Tempe, 85284
RuthAnn Vargo
Scottsdale, 85251-6028
David Velasquez
Flagstaff, 86001
Registered libertarian party
Marc Victor
Mesa, 85204
Criminal Defense Attorney//
Todd Vierheller
Litchfield Park, 85340
Marina von Linsowe
Glendale, 85304
Information systems tech specialist, family of 4+, Lutheran LCM
Patrick Waldera
Dolan Springs, 86441
Lisa E Walker
Mesa, 85206
Brian Wallace
Mesa, 85204
Holly Walsh
Phoenix, 85020
Jason Walsh
Phoenix, 85020
Rachelle Evangelina Ward
Vail, 85641
Ray Warwick
Chandler, 85225
Belinda Weaver
Yuma, 85364
Christian. I work as a desktop support person.
Paul Weber
Higley, 85236-3568
business manager, five kids, no religious affiliation. Former teacher
Lucie Wegele
Mesa, 85201
Keith Weiner
Mesa, 85208
Business owner
Richard Welling
Mesa, 85205
Army officer, engineer, Lutheran (WELS); daughter dropped out of school at 16 and is now a successful adult
Orville Weyrich
Scottsdale, 85261
Chairman of the Reform Party of Arizona; Evangelical Catholic; Father of two
Chris Whitaker
Safford, 85546
Juvenile Probation Officer, family of four, member of First Southern Baptist Church teaching 3rd 7 4th grade Sunday School Class, Pro-Life
Amber White
Phoenix, 85032
Amber White
Phoenix, 85032
Christian college student, previously homeschoole
Dana White
Chandler, 85248
Rob Whiteaker
Michael Wiersma
Peoria, 85382
Kari Wilbanks-McDonald
Gilbert, 85296
VP Investments, married, two childre
Brandon Wilhoite
Scottsdale, 85251
James Williams
Tucson, 85745
Retired, self employe
Archdeacon Wayne B Williamson
Peoria, 85381-4873
Retired clergyman
Dennis Wilson
Phoenix, 85016
Self educated Objectivist
Lawrence Wilson
Prescott, 86303
Doug Wiltfong
Phoenix, 85024
Software Developer, Musician/Songwriter, Libertaria
Don Winfield
Tucson, 85745-9561
Rob & Amy Withem
Phoenix, 85006
William Witzel
Bullhead City, 86442
Roman & Marie Wnek
Sun Lakes, 85248
Scott W. Woods
Peoria, 85382
Dianna Wright
Phoenix, 85085
Horse ranch manager
Stephen M Zapatka
Phoenix, 85032-7710
Matt Zwolinski
Tucson, 85742-9258
Graduate student, Philosophy- University of Arizon