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  1. First time visitor

    Our goal is to help you quickly grasp just what "Honest Education" is all about, and why state, federal, and even local government involvement must be ended in order to achieve Honest Education.

    You'll find answers to your other important questions such as "What about the poor?" and "Is separation of school and state possible, or just a pipe dream?" on this website.

    For some short answers to the most often asked questions, please

    click here.

    For a "four page summary" of Marshall Fritz' upcoming book on Honest Education, please click here.

  2. Advocate of Honest Education

    About 50 million (25 percent) of the adult U.S. population already agrees with ending compulsory school attendance and moving from tax-supported schooling to parent and charity financed schooling. This estimate is based on four national polls.

    Click here to see a summary.

    We are helping these 50 million come together as a massive groundswell by asking them to put their "name on the line" by signing the Public Proclamation for the Separation of School and State.

    When that visible groundswell reaches the millions, politicians will start to take notice and begin the electioneering, legislative, and judicial work necessary to bring about separation of school and state.

    We call those who have signed the Proclamation "Proclaimers" or "Signatories." You can see these pioneers of Honest Education by clicking here.

    Those who are active in promoting Honest Education remark on these characteristics of the Proclaimers:

    • They want Honest Education for all children and understand that in a pluralistic society, the only way to get there is by ending government involvement in schooling.
    • They are so committed to this goal that they allow their name, city, state, and country to be publicly shown on the Internet.
    • They come from an incredible variety of ethnicity, geography, occupation, age, political beliefs, religions, and worldviews.

    This website helps advocates of Honest Education in two ways:

    1. Build knowledge and confidence
    2. Help action-oriented people find a worthwhile and enjoyable outlet for their energies.

    KNOWLEDGE & CONFIDENCE . . . You'll find on this website literally hundreds of articles and links arranged by common questions to make them easy to find. Reading just a few in the area of your most pressing interest can build the knowledge that brings self-confidence. Remember, when you share the Honest Education concepts with friends and family, please do so in a kind and friendly manner.

    USING YOUR TALENT AND ENERGY . . . Some advocates of Honest Education are "doers" and want to be active promoters by doing something NOW that is worthwhile and enjoyable. If you want to reach broader audiences than your immediate circle of influence, you'll find ideas and tools by clicking here.

  3. Adversary

    You might be visiting this website because a friend mentioned Honest Education. Your experience and attitude are to preserve school-by-government. Without phrasing it quite this way, you might believe that politician-controlled schooling can serve your goals for society better than would freedom in education.

    You will find this site helpful in understanding your friends.

    Gradually, you'll discover that we are genuinely open about our vision, goals, strategy, and tactics.

    We hope that as you delve more deeply into the issues we raise about how public education can be improved by removing government involvement, you'll find reasons to reconsider your long-held assumptions about schooling. Perhaps you can even reconsider whether government involvement is helpful to have an informed citizenry and to assist the poor in having access to good education.

    Part of your evaluation, of course, should be to find the best arguments FOR government schooling. You will find some comments about our opposition by

    clicking here and links to organizations that oppose our views and defend school-by-government by clicking here.

    At a minimum, we hope you become better informed about our positions so you can argue your case on its merits. We have been very careful to avoid attacking the motives or persons of our adversaries, and we hope you can do likewise. To see one of our president's first published articles on this topic, please click on The Cement Canoe. Cute cartoon, too.

  4. Journalist or other media

    Maybe you got intrigued with the novelty of this new solution to the "school mess," or, perhaps you were assigned to cover the issue because of a local or topical tie-in.

    Either way, you can find plenty of information here, including: