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Special note to visitors from other lands:

The movement for Honest Education was organized in 1994 in Fresno, California, United States. Hence, most of this website is aimed at the problems and history of schooling in "the States."

While the particulars are different from country to country, the need for Honest Education is just as great in other lands. Just click here to see who in your country has signed the Proclamation.

As of 2003, we are proud to count as signatories a university president (Guatemala), a college president (Nicaragua), two former Ministers of Education (Mexico and Nicaragua), two Catholic bishops (Dominican Republic and Uganda), a party leader (Ireland), and other prominent figures worldwide.

We have begun to translate Honest Education information into Spanish: click here. Perhaps you can volunteer to translate an article into your language? Or even volunteer to coordinate the whole translation effort? For more information about the Many Languages Project, please click here.

One essay of particular interest to citizens of other countries is how the United States system of politician-controlled schooling has gradually moved many Americans into an "empire attitude." For more on this delicate issue, please click here. This article is among the first that we hope to get translated into a dozen or more languages.